My name is Timiebi Dawn Ebitibituwa, I am 33 and I love minions!!! Okay, maybe not as much as I used to but minions make me happy. I am from Nigeria and I am a retired semi-nomad. I used to shuttle between three Nigerian cities; Lagos, Abuja, and Akure but I fully moved to Abuja in February 2020, so let’s agree for now that Abuja is my home. No, we are not going to talk about the fact that I officially moved here in February 2019 but nomadic life struck and I was away for 6 months🙈

When I am not ranting on WhatsApp or dancing(badly) on the streets, I work as a Communications and Content Officer at the International Centre for Advocacy on Right to Health(ICARH), an NGO that promotes the human and health rights of sexual minorities, key populations, People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and other marginalised population in Nigeria. You can also check here for other things I do for money.

I am also passionate about mental health and I have been blessed to volunteer with Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative(MANI), a youth led mental health NGO that is dedicated to changing the mental health narrative in Nigeria. You can check out some of the projects I’ve worked on here and here, also we have fabulous a website to help keep you informed, entertained and supported during this COVID-19 times.

Recently, I decided to put myself out there, which meant I had to claim the aspiring voice actor/ voiceover artist, and content creator title. This move was fuelled by the many “you have a beautiful voice, you should be on the radio” comments I got from friends and strangers. You can find my recent creation, #QuirkytimsYarns here.

I love food; eating and cooking it. Cooking also soothes me. Yes, I know it is odd but remember, I am Quirkytims! I love the calmness that cooking brings me and I enjoy experimenting with different dishes. My friends and family also enjoy my meals so much that they lovingly bullied me into thinking about cooking for a living. So, in August, 2017, I decided to start small and Quirkytims Kitchen was created.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a semi-nomad which means I get to experience various places and see the beauty that is Nigeria. In 2017, while I was briefly living in Lagos, I decided to start #MyLagosWaka which then morphed in Quirkytims Waka.

A yearning to keep the fiery writing flames ever blazing brought Quirkytims blog to life in 2011, and even though I may be one of the most inconsistent bloggers ever, I was able to keep my writing alive as a columnist for Single in Gidi, where I talked about dating, mental health and all the things this young woman witnessed living in Lagos etc. Recently, I found a way to keep up with writing by sharing some articles on Medium, you can check out my stories there and don’t forget to clap and follow. I hope to stoke the blog writing fire very soon and I can’t wait to take you on that journey, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you’ll be the first to know when I start writing again.

This website is a digital woven tapestry of all the things I do for work and fun, it houses my life’s passions, gifts, and hopes. It is my wish that one aspect of my life will make the needed difference in someone’s life, that the boldness in putting myself and work out there will give someone else the needed push to take that step in achieving their own goals.

My name is Timiebi and I am doing it afraid!

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