She’s so QuIrKy…

Hey y’all. I pondered and pondered about the ‘tone’ of this blog and i came to a conclusion;ME.. hipppeeee!!!

It’s been ages I wrote anything and since I’m on a detox programme from the poisonous fangs of bbm(blackberry messenger) and ‘amebo-ic’ world of twitter, I said to myself why not pick up writing again? hence the birth of ‘quirkytims’ 🙂

So this blog will be filled with my thoughts, opinions and many more things…*wink*

I can’t believe I have a blog,never say never people;you might(or rather end up chewing and swallowing the never.

Talk to y’all soon.. 😀

4 thoughts on “She’s so QuIrKy…

  1. Its lovely you embracing the world of blogging, u gonna love it here…. Am on that path too and hope to release my episodes in time to come….


  2. Re-welcoming you into the world of writing, Dawn. “Re,” because I remember staying up most nights (when we first met) to read your notes on facebook. I personally believe that the best way to know and delve into the heART of a loved one is by reading what he/she has written in their alone time spent “ARTsifying.” LoL:) I’m a big creator of words, so, please bear.

    Love, Heart 🙂


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