Random thoughts

My fingers have been itching like crazy and I just had to type so here I am penning random thoughts.
The other day I observed two little boys(about one year plus) meeting each other for the first time.
Boy A walked up boy B,touched his shirt,touched his jeans,stared at his sneakers(did I mention that baby B was an albino)
His face was the last he touched,which he did for a while and voila he pronounced him his friend by taking him by the hands and leading him to play
The scenario got me thinking about people,our perception,airs,assumed faults,misplaced trusts.
I wish I could go back to being like those babies,no suspicions,airs,’u r below my status’ and all.
Loving someone just cause you want to,opening your heart fully,living life without boundaries and above all trusting unconditionally knowing all these’ll be reciprocated.
*Phew*think I’m gonna pause here..
Talk to y’all later.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Most times, people of the same counterparts want to be friendly, be free (open), and trusting (like you said), but the world has made nicety and its relations be though of otherwise when one externalizes that, which is felt from within (deep within). No one wants to be taken for granted (if not reciprocated). We want to live life without boundaries or limitations, but we want to not be forward as well. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to not love, but an excuse to not be hurt when not loved.

    Dawn, this was well written. I like the way you started off by introducing your theme using the two little boys. It gave me a vivid image.

    Love, Lola



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