Proudly Naij

Some months ago I attended  three different parties in the space of 2 weeks and I made a sad discovery about nigerians and our uncontrollable need to conform to the ‘western way’ of doing things.

The first was a diwali party for indians,they were traditionally dressed in radiant colours,indian savoury sweets on display and loads of indian musics were played.  I discovered that indians had ‘hip hop’ n ‘party jams'(who would’ve thought so.hehehe)

The second, a pakistani party and I was also amazed at the display of tradition, I was totally prepared for the ‘hip hoppy thingy’ but was  blown to smithereens by their style of music.(P.S They also had the ‘hip hoppy thingy’ going for )

One common thing I noticed was their unique dance styles,no creep walking,popping n locking,shake that ass nor whine n grind that is typical of westernized parties.

The sad part of all this is I went to a ‘naija’ party (so I was told) and they had to stop the naija songs because some of the oyibo guests were not comfortable with the way the dudes there were shouting and dancing and I was like what the !!!(was about using colourful expletives but this post is PG rated. lol)

So whaddahell about this post sef??like the best dude in my life will say(d whaddahell i mean. lol) its about knowing who you are and being comfortable with it, its about knowing you are nigerian and have a nigerian accent n proud of it n not forming and speaking blunders all in the name of conformity.

Pheeew!! My fingers ache from typing too fast. lol

Talk to you all in a bit.Love yourself no matter what. NAIJA for life. Joh o!!

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