wazzzzaaaappppp!!!! in martin Lawrence’s voice..

Merry Christmas, Happy New year and happy new month to you all… its been a bijillion years since i last posted anything 😦 how have you all been? I have been uber busy since december, got a job and its been one busy week to another. Christmas was a blast, had massive fun with my family; went to Durham to see my aunt E (she inspires me) my lovely cousins Oladebi, Ibiaro and Ebipamowei were around too and we had an UBER exciting holiday 😀

Entered the new year dancing after leading a thanksgiving session(yes i can sing :D)  and had to rush to work in the morning. 🙂 All in all 2012 has been full of major surprises, i started reading the bible from the beginning a few days ago(we doing a reading plan in church called GEN2REV ) and i must confess i have laughed, cried and just been in awe of God.

I discovered new things, remembered lessons we were taught in sunday school when i was a child. Did you know that in Genesis 14:12 Lot was kidnapped or is it captured? and Abram (God had not changed his name here) sent 318 men on a rescue mission to get Lot and his stolen properties.is that cool or what? 😀

Another interesting story i read was of Tamar, a woman Judah(son of Jacob) took for his son. God killed her husband Er (Judah’s son) because he was wicked, she was married off again to his younger brother Onan so that Er’s name would live on (so it’s not only in Naij ooo, dis custom don tey.hehehehe 😀 ) but Mr Onan ‘withdrew’ whenever he had sex with Tamar, the bible in the NLT version said in Genesis 38:9 that ‘he spilled his semen on the ground’ and God killed him because of his wicked act… choiiii!!!! men!!!! ( topic for another day o 😦 ) imagine how the story ended her father in law (Judah) slept with her and she got pregnant (this na proper naija homevideo )

Why all these bible stories you ask? just catching you up on what’s been going on in my life oooo 🙂  anyways yesterday i made a promise to myself to get back on the writing wagon (think I’ll swop my wagon for a Ferrari tho cos this wagon is slow mehn! lol)

Hope to see you all in a few days as i hope to post twice a week now(fingers crossed) hope my life stays adventurous enough to have things to write 🙂

talk to y’all later 🙂

 can you imagine i forgot to add that my birthday was on the 12th of February.. will talk about how old i am in my next post:) hehehehehe

2 thoughts on “wazzzzaaaappppp!!!! in martin Lawrence’s voice..

  1. Dawn…this is interesting. I sort of knew half of the infornation it entails already, yet i read and soaked it all in like it was all new. Looking forward to feeding my mind with your “twi-weekly” posts.



    1. April, i was having one of my insomniac moments and thought to put it to good use.. pray i continue in this spirit.. thanks for the encouragement love…


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