Agent of change…..

So it’s Friday, the second post for my ‘post twice a week’ resolution err scratch that i’d say stance (resolution makes it sound corny or something :D) anyways i was supposed to have one adventure or something to write about but guess what? i’m in bed with a bowl of cereal (Crunchy nuts..yeah i got sucked in by the advert too 🙂 ) an ice-pack on my forehead and another for my abdomen, the room shrouded in darkness save the bedside lamp 😦

What’s wrong you may ask? nothing ooooo just wrote all that to gain your ‘awwwwss’ and ‘poor baby’ hehehehehehe. I’m just playing ooo!! been sick for a couple of days now, bed rest i can’t afford to take(MOMMA GATS TO PAY BILLLS 😦 ) i feel horrible and thought to grab my pen and write (yup i write it all down before i type, i’m awesome like that 🙂 )

So what fun story or bizarre findings am i gonna talk about? KONY2012 what’s that? i didn’t know anything about it till a couple of days ago when i watched the video on YouTube (click here to watch : )  I’m not gonna tell you about it but will just implore you to watch the 30 minute video and I assure you you’ll be happy you did. 

One statement that stuck to my brain whilst watching the video was ‘WHERE YOU LIVE SHOULDN’T DETERMINE WHETHER YOU LIVE’ I’m sure this’ll make more sense after you watch the video. OK lemme give you small gist 🙂 about the video; Joseph Kony is a rebel leader in Uganda who steals children and turns the boys to child soldiers and the girls into sex slaves.

Be the change

Bring the change 


talk to y’all later

P.S this is the Joseph guy i was talking about…

2 thoughts on “Agent of change…..

  1. I see you later thought of a topic to fill us in. I’ll watch the video you posted. Another thing that I didn’t know was that you write before you type; I think it’s a great thing because I love the feel of paper. By the way, is Friday like a fixed day for your blog posts?



    1. lol. yup writing on paper is BLISS. love the way the pen flies as i put my thoughts and opinions down. im thinking of changing the days now tuesday and friday so yup i think friday is like a fixed day for posts now.


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