Excerpts from my mind

Hey my peeps!! Whats going on? Or like my UK peeps would say you alright? the way I get tired of constantly hearing this you alright is  another topic on its own. I have decided that the best way to stop them is to answer no when I’m asked, this is due to the brief confusion or is it blankness that goes on in their brain.

I imagine the short dude in the brains cockpit shouting May day! May day!! Hehehehehe 😀  you see, the norm is to say yes and life goes on but the few times I have said NO has brought immense joy to my heart hehehehehe .

Most of them just stutter and say why? I just go I need £50000 can you help? and theyre like err err nope so I say if you know you cant help don’t ask if I’m alright!!!

Yh yh I’m unstable 😦 i’m seeing  someone for it, as in lying down on a couch and explaining how my childhood has affected me.hehehehe i sincerely apologise for ranting.. *sigh*

Anyways, I was on lunch break yesterday (yes I have a job 😀 ) and a colleague came over to say hey. Shes getting married so herself, another colleague and I got talking about Nigerian weddings. Mehn!! Im so not ready to get married now, lots of planning and processes involved. One thing I happily gleaned from the whole conversation is that the groom pays for the brides ensemble; from the gown to the jewellery even up to the knickers *_* hehehehe (dearest hubby you know how we do! we be ‘Wang-ing  it all the way P.S I meant Vera Wang -_- )

I don’t know how this became law, don’t even  care if it isn’t (˘~˘ ) or how many decision processes or stages it went through! me I have taken that stance o.. so bobo you are paying for me to look like a bjillion pounds on the happiest day of my life. NOTE I said MY life because my happiness is his happiness chimoooo!!!  I’ve got lyrics *_*

Anyways talk to yall on Friday and don’t forget to smile especially to someone,it might just be the sunshine brightening up their dreary day  🙂   

 P.S my beloveed papi got promoted to Commissioner of Police(yup my dad’s a cop ghen! ghen!! 😀 yaaaayyyyyy.(dancing customized alanta) love you daddy MWAHHH

2 thoughts on “Excerpts from my mind

  1. “The one thing I happily gleaned from this whole post” is that I will eat ‘jollof rice’ now that ‘our’ daddy got promoted. “And I have taken that stance.”

    Congratulations to him 🙂 And yeah, is it okay if i request for a Wang fragrance, coupled with my rice? It’s like $95. Wang all the way!



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