J’aime la Musique…

See music heals your body……..Heals your soul……….It heals your spirit……It makes you whole……

With those words from Omawunmi  Megbele (runner up Nigerian idol maiden edition) I say welcome!!! (applause, drum roll, cheers….) Yup it’s all for you my special guest. You coming every Wednesday, Friday and every other day makes you special and means a lot to me… Gimme a sec, *blows nose* overwhelmed with love for you all…..hehehehehe 🙂

How have you all been? Notice the new theme? Err you don’t! *raised eyebrow* I noticed leaving a comment was a bit tricky as the font(previous theme) was in white when i tried to comment as a guest. So please bear with me if you don’t like this new one (i’m sure it’ll grow on you… *hugs*) In other news I have been fabulous, mehn! waking up these days with such energy and high spirits you’d think i was force-fed Red-bull in my sleep..LMBO 😀

So today as promised last week i’ll be talking about MUSIC; my first love, the one that makes my heart palpitate, makes me stop in my tracks when i hear ‘him’ doing  his thing and yes i’m still talking about music.hehehehehehe 🙂

My relationship with music started when i was about 6 or so , was in the choir  in my church (Church of God Mission). I remember marching out in my high-waist pouffe skirt, red polka dot top and my ‘kokoka’ shoe *sigh* been on point since a lil’ girl *wink*

I left the choir some years later (when i was in primary 5 or so) my dad decided his baby coming home late due to choir outings  was unacceptable then to top it all i got on an ‘okada’ (bike) for the first time; burnt my led and ruined my shoes 😦 

Anyways, music has been always been a big part of my life; i remember those days if you didn’t know who MC Hammer or Michael Jackson was you ain’t ‘fly’ hehehehe, i remember sleeping with headphones on ,when radio stations were not 24hours and would listen to ‘cool’ music till i hear that ‘sssshhhhhhh’ (static) sound. Hahahahaha 😀

I’m Listening to ‘Kool and the Gang’ and the memory it brings to fore is a party at the Olatunji’s  14 or more years ago(mehn i don dey old 😦 ) and we all dancing and having fun(Seun if you reading this you were still a small geh. hehehehe)  For every song i like there’s a story attached; is it hearing Wande Coal’s ‘Ololufe’  for the first time with my bobo.  Experiencing God’s awesomeness and power when Israel Houghton’s ‘Alpha&Omega’ is played or is it my brother and i mocking about and changing the lyrics of Lemar’s  ‘time to grow’

Trey Songz ‘Yo side of the bed’ booming outta my speakers (Femi’s speaker sha)  in my room at uni or KCI & Jojo’s ‘All my life’ that tickles my heart. Sir Victor Uwaifo’s ‘Joromi’ that makes me nod and smile even though i don’t understand a word he is saying. Not forgetting Sir Shina Peter’s ‘ijo shina’…. Open and close ooooo hehehehehe me sef dance this song… 🙂

*sigh* Asa my love singing ‘Bibanke’ and melting my whole body and then Adele ripping my heart into pieces with ‘Someone like you’……

Music has made me; cry, laugh, giggle uncontrollably, blush, sigh, dance on the road  Yes oh!! I dance on the road in ‘the abroad too’  *_*  I’m smiling and giggling while writing this and i’m sure some passengers (i’m on a bus to work) are like is this girl ok? LMBO 😀 

Try a new genre today! Get lost in the giddy feeling music gives( i assure you its cheaper than crack) don’t ask me how i know  -_-

I apologise  for the serious and intense writing, i will ensure the hehehes, LOLs and LMBOs are effectively used in the next post… 🙂

i’ll leave you with this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWTaaS7LdU&ob=av2e  a beautiful classic from the movie ‘The Bodyguard’

 Whitney we love you…. Guess in writing this i have come to accept the  fact that she’s gone. 😦 

One thought on “J’aime la Musique…

  1. Music…powerful tool for soul lifting,no doubt…i can confirm that music is just part of the reasons why i feel so attached to my relationship.Listening to songs we used to enjoy together erupts some emotions that i just cannot explain…And in some ways,it helps me in my daily life…kudos to you for this inspirational write-up


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