That’s so RANDOM

It’s friday and oh my!! am I knackered!!!!! I drank a can of RedBull today and I’m still waiting on the wings promised. KMT!!! Remember all the energy I have been waking up with the past few days, guess what! The fairytale is over and insomnia has decided to rekindle our relationship (he’s begging me to attend couples’ therapy -_- )  The lethargic feeling is indescribable, imagine me resorting to RedBull knowing from past experiences that it makes me cranky and somewhat depressed! 😦

So sorry about that, very rude of me, how are you doing? missed me? 🙂 Looking forward to the weekend eh! *wink wink* i really am not;working all through 😦 the bills have got to be paid o! LMBO imagine my friend beefing me cos I said I got bills to pay *rolling my eye* If you are reading this Kamoru Yes!!! i have bills to pay!!! hehehehe

Anyways my brain’s been massively tasked the last few days and its threatening to strike! total shutdown; motor skills , speech recognition, cognitive reasoning  just to name a few…. all at stand still. Mehn!! I have been in resolution meetings with it(brain) and I think we have come to a compromise;

1. (i) That I Timiebi Ebitibituwa will give Mr Brain O’Brain 5hrs of Boomerang,CartoonNetwork, Disney XD & Disney Channel everyday after work

(ii) That the aforementioned party (Mr O’Brain) will be given enough time to be goofy and inactive each day

2.  A conducive working environment should be maintained at all times

(i) consistent sleep pattern (minimum 5hrs)

(ii) deliberation of what to eat should be brought under 5minutes and the first suggestion Mr O’Brain gives should be strongly considered

3. That Mr O’Brain will not bother Miss Ebitibituwa with frivolous thoughts i.e  thoughts about the future that do not yield dividends for both parties

For those of you still in doubt about my mental health (O_O) i hope those questions, concerns and fears have been answered fully by this post, if not you might need to see someone yourself. hehehehehe 😀 In other news, i was a bit concerned that this semi weekly post might be a bit hard but as I sat down to write, words just flowed ghen ghen!!! I’m BADT like that (*_*)

Could you let me know if you prefer posts to be once a week or twice and yes your opinions count 🙂  With that i wish you a fun, peace, joy, rest, ‘plenty money’- filled weekend. Till i come your way again(i know it’s so corny..hehehehe) always remember to smile, someone needs it to make their day complete and special… 😀

Evidence to prove my story… hehehehehehehe 😀

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