Frénésie d’alcool

Bonjour mon amis, how are we doing this beautiful day!!! It’s been a sunny week here in London, we’ve been experiencing temperatures of 18 degrees and we’re told it’ll last the week!!! can’t wait to wear my shorts and hit the park…  * dancing customised alanta*(can’t dance the azonto yet 😦 any volunteers? )

As I write this, an Orchestra, Scottish dudes in skirts playing their bagpipes loudly(and  as usual out of tune) and a gang of burly bikers  all performing in my head, how? you ask. Alcohol!!! I had one too many glasses of the good stuff..hehehehe and Mr O’Brain decided to punish me 😦 (read the last post to know who Mr O’Brain is)

Today as you guessed already I’ll be talking about Alcohol!!! The things people do when inebriated, by the way i checked out the meaning of inebriated( it’s a big word na) and one of the definitions I got was HILARIOUS 😀  inebriated: ‘exhilarated or stupefied by alcohol’ 😀 That’s the word STUPEFIED.. It totally describes what people do when they are drunk, tipsy or what have you. Choi!!! the things people do when they are drunk; declare undying love for a secret crush, defy gravity, they think they’re next in line for superman powers…their body go tell them for morning 😀 people get all horny and stuff -_- making out with walls etc. life secrets are spilled, ‘unemotional’ people becoming Kings and Queens of ‘Mushyville’ hehehehe LMBO 😀

Can you remember your first alcoholic beverage? me thinks mine was in 2007, my cousin, her ex, a few friends and I went out and in the course of the evening, my cousin dared me to drink a glass of Guinness, said she would give me 500 Naira.. People I’m not proud of this moment *_* I drank it! and like you’re all thinking she didn’t give me the money. Kuimo if you are reading this you owe me 5,000,000 Naira interest don join am 😀

Telling my colleague what my post is about and asked if she had any ‘drinking war stories’  her quote was “I went to a party looking all posh and I got carried out in the end” *_*  The story she told me was so funnnnnyy! had to get permission from her to use it here. no illegal story things mehn!!! LMBO

So here’s her story;  3 weeks ago I went to a party and had a few drinks for the first time. I  became tipsy and danced so much, felt alive! and I was like is this how drunk people feel? AWESOME!!! so when I got invited for another party the next week, I didn’t hesitate, told myself I’m gonna get tipsy and dance well again(bad move on  my part) Arriving the party(it was a house party) I went straight to the kitchen (where the booze was), poured half bottle of JD ( Jack Daniels) and another half bottle of Courvoisier mixed it both in a cup and downed it in a few gulps.

My friend came in the kitchen and asked  what happened to the bottles, told her I drank it, she didn’t believe because of my JJC status as an alcoholic. lol People, my colleague said she became drunk almost immediately ooo, went in the sitting room and started gyrating, thrusting and whining hips, boys gathered and were taking videos, pole dancing was involved, curse words were thrown at those who bothered her (this is someone who’s never sworn) Her friend had to take her home,she puked and swore and was so embarrassed.

Lesson from this story “Sip your alcohol!!! don’t down it all in one gulp”  hehehehe So do you have any war stories?? leave it in the comment section and let’s laugh at ourselves 😀 hehehehe.. Will end today’s post with a quote from Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD) ” Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness ” Talk to y’all later 🙂

 This is what boredom at work can do to you. the piggy stress-ball is called Mr Piggs…hehehehehe 🙂

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