Live Life…….

Its Day4 of my i don’t wanna be on bbm(blackberry messenger) hmmmmm how is it going you may ask? Wonderful, feel refreshed…. Pishposh!! i miss it, i miss the ameboic features, photos and crazy pms (this looks wrong..hehehe its personal messages not what you thought it was! LMBO) Anyways it’s been ok, a bit strange but alright. I get more calls and text messages now so I guess its cool, downside is I tend not to know where my phone is(+_+) I get loads of missed calls, reply messages late and all but i’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll be fine. In case you’re wondering, I’ll be gone for a month or more and I can’t say why I went off in the first place but it’s definitely not because i can’t pay for BIS (-_-) Yes some peeps be saying things like that already..God pass una!!! hehehehehe

So how we all doing? Splendid i presume. I’m sure you were all waiting for last friday’s post, I’m so sorry been working 15days straight 😦  got friday off and went to visit my friend from secondary school who had a baby recently (Olaolu it was nice seeing you, your hubby, Korede and mum) and i got home so late and writing was not anywhere on the agenda for that night. i was proper knackered, I hope my apology has been accepted *kisses and hugs*

Anyways don’t really have a topic for today, just letting y’all know what’s been up with me 🙂 So i’m watching one tree hill and i’m a wreck, this episode(Season 9 Episode 12) is heart wrenching..  i cried! Yes a couple of  tears err erm ok ok lots of tears…hehehehe I know y’all see me as a don but dons got feelings too.hehehehehehehe LMBO…Can’t believe i’m crying for Dan Scott!! (you really should go watch OneTreeHill) As the song ‘Free like you make me’ from Carly Brothers plays in the background I’m overwhelmed with grief and i think of all the people I’ve lost and all i can say now is appreciate each moment you get to spend with family, friends and loved ones because it all could be gone in a blink of an eye 😦

Not being gloomy or anything I’m just saying show someone love today, tell her you love her, tell him he’s your world, kiss your children at every opportunity, goof around with them, have fun with family, friends and loved ones, fellowship with one another. There i think i found us a topic; Live Life 🙂

With these word from Gordon B Hinckley ‘Life is to be enjoyed not endured’ ‘ i say have yourselves a splendid week and talk to y’all on Friday. Always remember to smile 😀  it’s the best gift you can ever give anyone 🙂

 This is for everyone who’s lost someone special. Remember God’ll never leave you…. Love you all.

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