Ma famille

It’s Saturday and tired does not begin to define how i feel, knackered sef does not come close. I think the word to aptly describe how i feel will be wiped out; head hurting, throat and fire and coughing 😦 Yup i think i got the flu.

Hey peeps, how have we all been? Everybody had a good easter celebration? I spent mine with my family. Family reunion toh badt -_- Was at my aunty’s in central London on sunday (ressurection sunday) we had buckets of fun, scratch that, we had container (shout out to my ibo brothers πŸ˜€ ) loads of FUN

Today i will be talking about Family; the bond we share and how aside of God they should hold a special place in our hearts. As i’m too ill to do anything and i promised writing twice a week i just had to post something, i’ll put up a small note i wrote a few years ago about family. i hope you guys enjoy it

You love them, you hate them, you can’t wait to see them, you countdown to the days they’ll leave. You feel like hugging and kissing them then you feel like chortling and strangulating them…
You get pushed and forced to leave your safe haven (your momma’s womb), you get whisked into an awaiting parent’s arms,your mom in most instances…
You learn how to eat, they say don’t eat roach, don’t eat that sand, don’t this don’t that; the beginning of your frustration…
You start to walk , don’t go there, there are broken bottles all over like duh!! sweep it up -_- Don’t walk yet, crawl.. don’t this , don’t that…
Then you become a teenager,Ah!! the trials and tempest of this phase of our lives…Don’t wear that!!! its too short.. (duh!!! its in vogue) don’t talk to boys they’ll hurt you.. i know that’s all i want hehehehe πŸ™‚
Go to school; get a job; get a life(who says I’m not ok with what i have now!!! arrghh… choking here …)
Get a man, you’re getting old(i know i tried he was worse than you guys…

Family…… you cant live without them but sometimes you wish you could.

Anyways i hope y’all have a lovely weekend and i say a big get well soon to myself πŸ™‚ LMBO! Talk to y’all soon

20120414-202311.jpg This was taken at one of the homes we visited on Easter sunday. We have Elderly People’s Home Visits in my church( RCCG New Life Assembly) and it was fulfilling singing and praying for them πŸ™‚ May we all have people to take care of us in our old age πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Ma famille

  1. Hope u feeling better now. I like how you radiate warmth in your writes. You get so personal without revealing too much. Great skill that is. Great skill.


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