Ma Mère

I woke up today praying in the spirit and and my my was it sweet! I went to bed kinda down due to some issues going on in my life 😦 I remember my mum telling me to praise God concerning them so i did that till i drifted off to bed. Big kisses to the people who lifted my spirit via their calls; Aunt E, Olas, Ade and Michael. Thanks and may God bless you 🙂

Today i’ll be talking about Mothers and how God has placed them as a source of comfort and a pillar to their children, husband and the world at large. My mother! Words cannot describe what you are to me: My priceless jewel, My friend *sigh* i love my mum ‘fivebillion’ much. 🙂

The relationship between my mother and i like any other relationship, has not been all rosy. It’s had its ups and downs. Some days i wondered if she really gave birth to me -_- other times i’m bursting out with love and want the whole world to know 🙂

The Yoruba people say ‘ iya alabaro omo’ which means mother the one who worries or is concerned about the child ( err i hope i translated it well. Hehehehe:) my Yoruba peeps e ma binu, ori ikunle mo wa 😀 ) My mother, my worrier strange you might say, even thousands of miles away from me she worries about me; have you eaten?how is work? Why is your voice low?how is the weather? I hope you are covering yourself properly. yes o! I’m a mummy’s girl *flutters eyes*

Do you love your mother? If not i pray God works on your relationship and heals every area that needs healing. If your mother is not with us anymore 😦  i hug you tightly and say may the One who is the mother to the motherless comfort you on all sides. If she is still with us, give her a kiss(if she is within reach 🙂 ) call her and tell her how you love her fiercely, thank her for all the unseen sacrifices she made and still is making for you.
Do not go a day without praying God’s strength upon her life.

I’ll leave y’all with a link to a scene from family guy where stewie calls his mum repeatedly 😀  i just love it. Hehehe

20120418-192748.jpgMy sweet mother; Mrs Francisca Ebitibituwa. Love her to pieces… 🙂

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