The M Word

Today the 24th day in the month of april, the year of our Lord 2012. A day history will either  be made or will end up being  one of those days. Why do i say this? Barcelona FC will play Chelsea FC for a spot in the finals of the UEFA champions League. i can hear some of you gasping(LMBO) of course i watch football hehehehe maybe not as intense as i used to a few years ago but i still do watch it. i’m of the opinion that Chelsea will be flogged by Barcelona today but who am i to say what will happen and how history cannot be made when or rather if chelsea beats Barca 😀  Fingers crossed cos some people i love support Chelsea, i dunno how the relationship has thrived these past years as i’m an Arsenal fan but that’s another topic for another day *wink*

Enough of the footie talk, so how have y’all been and how is the new week going? due to circumstances beyond my control i will have to make my posts once a week, who knows if i’ll then have more adventures that’ll make me post more than once(i’m a firm believer of never say never 🙂 ) Today i will be talking about a word that is enough to deflate the swagger of a dude if it comes out of a babe         -_-    a word that makes most men shudder, a word that has now become the yardstick for success in a woman’s life; MARRIAGE. DISCLAIMER: Everything stated in this post is just my opinion 🙂 and my view from a girl’s perspective -__-

Marriage, hmmm i believe in marriage, i believe in the institution that my Father created. The Bible says in Gen 2:24 that a man will leave his papa and mama and be joined to his wifey 🙂  (Timiebi’s version) what this verse brings to mind is the way some girls and society (Nigerian society as na d one wey i know be dat) has decided that it is the girl’s duty or calling to ‘leave’ Hian!! i want  to get married, i want to have cute babies but that is not a driving force in my life, that’s not what i was created for. So if a girl is 30 or 40 and unmarried it is not people’s duty to add her to their prayer points/ list 😦

Marriage should be about two people who want their friendship to last forever,knowing that the person is who God has ordained for them and children being one of the blessings of being married. Let’s not get this all wrong o! i am not anti-marriage or anything but the way marriages are crashing and divorce on the rise in my beloved country Nigeria you’d wonder if they were really friends. Did they fully know what they were going into, was it about status? the biological clock ticking -__- was it the boy making a honest woman out of her? but what do i know? small geh like me *shrugs*

All i know is that in my little world marriage means forever and if it’ll take me a little more time than accepted by societal standards to find ‘forever’ make una no vex o! With that i sincerely apologise to any person who has taken offence or has decided to take this personal as stated in the beginning these are my opinions and everybody is entitled to their opinion. Wish y’all a lovely and blessed week. love you mwah mwahhhh 🙂

 I think everybody should say this everyday. If you love yourself ; you’d want to improve on yourself i.e your skills etc, you’d value yourself a little more, you’d want to make a difference on earth. #JustSaying

3 thoughts on “The M Word

  1. this post started from the second paragraph from me…the best way to lose me in a conversation is to say football…lol

    anyway on to the more important topic, i totally agree with you, people need to look beyond the ceremony and mrs title and focus on the life after all of that..marriage is not beans oh!…

    the key is finding yourself, defining yourself and improving yourself before you make that decision to say I do… that’s what I have been told by all the women that are married 🙂 I neva marry yet, I can only listen to their advice

    Nice blog by the way and thanks for stopping by at 🙂


    1. LOL at the football bit. I sorta kinda in a way love football.hehehehe
      I agree with you. Not been to naij in 2years and reports reaching (see me feeling like a don 😀 ) is that it’s the ‘in’ thing now; marriage or should i say weddings.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 big boost to my dwindling ego 😀 love sheilaspeaks btw


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