Light at the end of the………..

So I’ve been struggling with what to write for a week now ok ok let me be real with y’all (I now know real people read my blog 🙂 ) I did not feel like writing. A wave of sadness engulfed me the wee hours of Sunday, when I finally woke up I just did not want to talk to anybody so I switched off my phones. Just switched them back on today. If I say I know why I was sad that’ll be a cannot and will not be answered JAMB QUESTION -_- I was so out of sync that I overspent on grocery shopping on monday *_* I won’t say how much but mehn I OVERspent!!! 😦

How are we doing?i’m sure y’all been having a lovely week, I’m not going to bore everybody that much with my gloomy stories but I’m gonna talk about a light at the end of a tunnel scenarios 🙂
As I walked into the shopping center on Monday, I tried to get a trolley, inserted my £1, got it out only for it to be faulty,one of the wheels didn’t spin. So here I was struggling with it and no other trolley in sight and getting agitated (keep in mind that I was already in a bad place 😦 ) Voila here comes this girl think was 10 or 11 years old, she brought a trolley told me I could have it, had to explain to her that I needed to get my pound back, she tried taking it out but we needed another trolley. She offered to stay with the 2nd trolley whilst I sorted mine out and got my pound back.

After all that I profusely thanked her, trolley and I rolled in the shop with a big grin stamped on my face 😀  Then it struck me, no matter how you feel or what you’re going through if you just look out there’s always something/ an act/ a person that reminds you that you’ll be fine.

Forgot to mention my lovely cousin came around and she convinced me after I came back that we had to see Marvel’s Avengers Assemble that night seeing she was leaving in a couple of days. So out we went(O2 Finchley) all I can say is WOW!! I’m so glad we did and so happy I watched that movie.

My best bit from the movie:
Loki to the Hulk *shouting* “….. I am a god!! Bow before me……”
The Hulk pauses for a nanosecond, picks him up like a toy and smashes the heck outta him LMBO!!!!
Loki makes a girly sound in pain. The Hulks walk away and says “Puny god” I was in stitches all through the movie.

The hulk’s character had a lovely and unexpected twist to it (ok ok spoiler alert 🙂 I’ll stop here for those who’ve not seen it )Anyways, the lesson from all my ramblings is that no matter what you’re going through, there’s always something to smile about. Look out for those moments, cherish them 🙂

Err quick gist for you, yes you 🙂 ehn you na! hehehehe I’m writing a fictional story and thinking of creating a new section/page so I’ll need your help, yes you!! (do we have to go over this again. Thought we established the fact that I was talking to you hehehehe) if you have any story; bizarre, real, fictional, poems etc just email them to me: and I will post one every week 🙂
Great people i’ve learnt were inspired by someone or somethings, so inspire me to keep quirkytims going and also expand 🙂

‘Phew finally over’ you say hehehehe nah just joking I know you love me yes you, not you, you in the black shirt with to die for abs *wink* yes you!!  LMBO!!
Have a lovely week and talk to y’all next week. Big hugs and sloppy kisses :* 🙂

 Happy birthday to my sweet princess Omolola LollyHeart Usman she turned 40 on Tuesday hehehe joking o! Love you pumpkin (((((((HUUGG)))))))

5 thoughts on “Light at the end of the………..

  1. I wasn’t gonna leave a comment, but i reconsidered after having convinced myself that feedbacks are the most believable way to let writers know that you took time off to read their notes/blog. Dawn, i’m an avid reader of your thoughts (whatever one pens down went through thorough thought processes). Love you too, Dawn Heart.


  2. Haven’t updated my blog, ,in ages. I am not in a good mood these days. So I can relate to your down moment. Kai! I feel so uninspired these days. I feel like God saying, “physician heal thyself!” . Easier to motivate others than to motivate yourself. I hope ,like you, today I will experience a turn of events.


    1. dont worry you experience something wowing today 🙂
      I know how it feels but be happy in the fact that God loves you and is there to uplift you


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