Mon Ami

So on Monday night a quick task of showering before bed turned out to be an hour of wine sipping and relaxing in a warm vanilla scented bath 🙂 hehehehe shocked? i didn’t think so, yh i can be really impulsive at times *sigh* so whilst sitting in the bathtub, i decided i need to get a “thoughts” book. Been mulling over this for a while now, reason being i get shocked myself at some of the thoughts that pop in my head. *sinister laugh*

Hello lovely quirkies 🙂 still thinking about that name so if you have any thoughts on a name for y’all that come here in rain/ sun/snow/thunderstorms/hailstorms etc hehehe just lemme know.  i digress! hope we all had a lovely weekend and having a lovely week. For me it was a working weekend and Monday! OhMyDayz Monday was a crappy day( i know Monday is crappy for most people but i assure you mine was BAD!)  It rained practically all day and i was outside for most of the day  at work (queue management, crowd control etc) Mehn people take the piss to another level! I got harassed, shouted at and i had to assess my mental stability for asking to work outside in the first place. anyways it was fun 🙂  i think hehehe. i digress again, i do apologize 🙂

I never expected my girlfriend to turn into my best friend, that’s why the best thing that ever happened to me was finding you” those words came out a 13 year old to his 13year old girlfriend (it was a  Disney show tho; Shake it Up) so sweet right? Today i’ll be talking about friendship;  Ah!! people that know me know this is hard for me as i have been burned in a lot in friendships. Along the way i have become a bit biased to the word ‘friend’

When people say ‘my childhood friend’, I’ve known him/her since we were toddlers, he/she is my bff(best friend for life)i get a bit sad but shrug it away. i’m a person who gets along with almost everybody, have this uncanny gift of making most people i meet laugh and talk to me like we’ve know each other for ages 🙂 now i look at it and i think that’s why i can be a bit content without a “bff” or a posy of girls (they are needed for girls’ nights out i hear 😀 )

“What does it mean to be a ‘friend’? The word ‘friend’ is one of the rare cases in the English language whose meaning has remained consistent throughout hundreds of years of usage. The word of Germanic origin has existed in the English language since its founding in Old English. Back then, ‘friend’ existed as ‘freond’ which was the present participle of the verb freon, ‘to love’. The root of the verb was ‘fri-’ which meant ‘to like, love, or be affectionate to’. We can still see the remnants of this verb every day of the week- Friday or ‘day of Frigg’ is devoted to the Germanic goddess of love Frigg. “(Language study 2012)

“To use the word ‘friend’ in Old English was to define a relationship with strong feelings, independent of sexual or family love- a meaning that is still very similar to the ‘friend’ we use over 1500 years later. ‘Friend’, in a period of warfare and conflict, was also defined by its antonym ‘enemy’. To be a ‘friend’ one could not be hostile towards the other- there were no friends on different sides of a conflict, and it was at this time that ‘friend’ extended its meaning to describe and define loyalty. By Middle English and beyond, a friend had the added connotation of someone who would financially help a particular institution- ‘friends of the gallery’ (late 16th century) for example. By the late 17th century friend was adopted into an adjective to mean, ‘well disposed, and not hostile’ “(Language study, 2012)

Can you remember the first day you met one of your friends or the day you became friends? *stares into space* i remember the day i decided to be friends with Peter (he’s my bff i think hehehe) we were in school in naij (Aptech) and we had to do a coursework and our faculty(that’s what we called our lecturers, don’t ask me why) said we had to do it in pairs and had to choose different partners seeing that everyone had a preferred partner for any group work. So i walked up to him and said “i choose you and you’ll be my friend” from then on is what you’ll call history 🙂

Thought i’ll go into details and put all my research on friendship into this post and asked my friend Lola to write me a poem( she’s a beautiful poet) she couldn’t cause she had work but told me to use any from her book. After reading a poem about me i decided to let  the “big English” , definitions and concepts on friendship go and just post the poems. yes!!! i have 2 poems about me and its not from a boy!! in your face 😀 LMBO!! so here goes hope you like it


The sound of her name brings much relief

Sort of like the opposite feeling of grief

She has stolen my heart like a thief

Yet the time spent together seemed so brief

Her text messages wake me up each day

Thoughts of Dawn flip through as I lay

Since the day she has come my way

My heart tickles ridiculously if I may say

Each time I try to let her be

She always has something to say to me

Kind of like a roach trying to flee

Until I realized she alone I could see

It’s funny how she gets hurt so easily

She is so precious I must confess willingly

I will try to never hurt her deliberately

That our friendship will forever glow radiantly.



Our embodies are not the same

Yet we share a similar name

Mysteriously to my world she came

I know facebook is to blame.

Oh What A friend She Is!

I thought she was a mere friend

Until she proved benevolent till the end

Our differences we will attempt to mend

Just so as not to be offended

Oh What A friend She Is!

She solves my problems like a mentor

I will counsel to be her advisor

At least that’s what friends are for

If only she wasn’t substantially far

Oh What A friend She Is!

Forever will I keep her close

That our friendship may indeed blossom

Having a massive commonality and compatibility

It will certainly bloom with likability

Oh What A friend She Is!

i hope you all enjoyed the poems about me (yh im all puffed up with love 🙂 ) i would encourage any one who has no true friends to get one cause they are one of the best things we can have as humans. 🙂 with that i’ll share a final poem about friendship from Lola aka LollyHeart 🙂


It seems like these days no one has friends

You create friendship; they assume rivalry

The closer you are the less peace rains

Who would have thought that friends compete?

Friends are known as rivals of your rivals

They celebrate with you when you rejoice

And thank the Lord on your behalf

If otherwise, they are untrue—to you

Rivals are rivals of your friends too

They boast of what might be feign

Strut off their garbs while you’re on perch

And hope you can’t afford your own

When next you search for a real friend

Be rest assured they worth your time

When you can’t get a hold of the truth

You know for sure to search elsewhere.

With that last line i sadly announce the end of today’s post 😦 will miss you all howbeit temporary 😀  as i know you’ll be back in a few days  please do bring a few people with you 🙂 and if you’ve not subscribed to quirkytims,just enter your email address where it says subscribe here and voila you’d be first to get new posts. Anyways, have yourselves a lovely week and talk to y’all soon. Hugs and kisses 🙂

 This is what yours truly did on Monday night. yup she sure can take care of herself, note the glass of wine *wink*

2 thoughts on “Mon Ami

  1. Dawn Heart,
    “Friend” is a big word to me too. I don’use it loosely. Glad u shared my poetry with the world; it means a lot. “Heart” is another name i designed for the people i care about, in place of friend.

    Anyway, Dawn Quirk (LoL), u’re a friend worth loving. I won’t regret our investment (time).

    Lola Heart.


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