Love the way you lie

“Darling you send me” abeg ne be pidgin Michael Bolton speak for here so? As in babe u send me die! 😀 How is everyone doing? I write this with Michael Bolton’s “lean on me” blasting in my ears and the dude sitting beside me has telepathically gotten that message and is actually sleeping on me… Hmmm if not for the sympathy i have for him considering the fact that he’s inebriated..hogwash!! who am i kidding he’s a cutie 🙂 Yh yh can we please close the jaws hehehehehe abeg i like fine boys that one no be criminal offence. Calling on all the restraint in me not to rake my fingers through his glorious mane( means hair if u wondering :D)
Ok ok enough don’t want no drooling on my sweet sleeping beauty. Oh oh he is rousing better hide the iPad hehehehe 🙂

That paragraph covers what transpired on the train home from work on Saturday, just thought to fill y’all in, anyone jealous much? *tongue out* how are my lovely quirkies doing? (seeing as i did not get any suggestions I’m sticking with ‘quirkies’) hope we having a swell week? Good, will be experimenting something fun next week on quirkytims, you’d have to wait with giddy excitement for it 🙂

Myself on the other hand have been in sickyland, massive headache from Saturday escalated to fever; high temperature, migraine, nightmares and ‘iwantmymummy’ syndrome. Thanks to baby for taking care of me(ehn baby is what we shall call the caregiver ) i feel better than i did yesterday but not as good as i normally am. Know it’s a matter of rest and time, this time has to be today as i resume work tomorrow 😦

All the woes my poor head has gone through the last few days has made me appreciate life and i thank God I’m still here o! Also been in ‘instagram’ land(have an iPhone? Check out the app) and have met lots of wonderful people and seen breathtaking photos( if business info. Systems no work, i go be aunty photographer hehehehe) :p

I’m livid with anger as i write this paragraph! Why you ask? Instead of concentrating and finishing today’s post i thought i needed a breather and decided to paint my face and take photos howbeit lovely but the cause of 3 paragraphs vanishing into thin air 😦
You see i decided against better judgement to write today’s post on my iPad instead of the calming and ‘thin air vanishing’ proof pen and paper method and i assure you this’ll be the last time i do so -_-

I was gonna talk about living a lie and all, I was pleased with my writing and don’t think i want to recreate the lovely piece( yes I’m tooting my horn! Bite me! ) I’m just gonna chill for an hour or so and hope something beautiful drops in this head of mine 🙂 wish me luck!

Ok i’m back, after 3 therapeutic hours of baking (a big cake and little cupcakes) and cooking( fried rice and mixed veg sauce with peri peri wings) yup I’m a beautiful, homely, sexy and intelligent babe hehehehe 😀

So like i said before I’ve been looking at the concept of ‘ living a lie’ for a few weeks now and I’ve come to the sad conclusion that i am living a lie in some areas of my life so are you if you’ll look deep down inside! Yes you! Ehn you gan gan! Hehehe 😛

Seriously, i think the reason people do this is because it seems a lot easier than the harsh reality that comes with the truth. Look at it this way, why not live in perfect ‘fake reality’ than an already trashed messed up reality? *shrugs*
One thing i know is that it hurts when you finally accept the truth and also beginning to understand it’s best to go through a short period of hurt, pain and what have you than postpone the reality and then have it all crashing down and i tell you regardless of how long it takes, it sure will come crashing down ( remember the hurt and pain you were avoiding in the first place? Raise it to the power of infinity and you’ll begin to understand what i mean)

The worst thing that can ever happen to a human being is to believe lies spawned by one’s self to the extent that bodily and emotional damage occurs. One’s integrity ( i know that word has lost its place and meaning in modern society 😦 Topic for another day ) becomes questioned and in due course, the fine line between reality and make belief becomes blurred. I’m sure some of us have met people entangled in their web of lies that all we can do is to open our mouths at such delusion but i’ll say next time you’re about to condemn, talk down or whatever it is that comes to mind about that sort of person, check yourself and see if you’re not one.

I’d say lies we feed ourselves though not obvious to the naked eye(as some people own be! Mehn! People dey lie for federal govt 😀 ) are sometimes worse as whoever is ‘eating’ them overtime forgets that they are dangerous and have fatal consequences. With all this plenty talk i rest my pen in the basket of love ( some naij dudes will remember this line 😀 ) hehehehe

This has been really tasking as my head is now throbbing (insert your kisses and hugs here) hehehehe. i’ll talk to y’all soon and don’t forget to leave a comment, ehn! don’t read and go na beg i dey beg 😀



Is this photo worthy enough to be titled the “paragraph stealer”? hehehehe and yup those are the cupcakes, allergic to peanuts sorry you can’t eat it… love y’all and make sure you miss me and cry everyday till you read from me.( ah a girl can dream na!)

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