God Bless Nigeria

I woke up this morning with what one might call a serious case of anger! My phone, by the way i’m back to blackberry messenger, think i might completely leave as it seems the minds or is it thinking of people has deteriorated from when i left up until now. Like i was saying before the mini rant 🙂 my phone was bombarded with BCs (BCs means broadcasts for those of you who don’t know. i really envy you tho 😦 ) about someone who was shot somewhere. i choose not to put in the exact contents of the message as i  would be guilty of the ‘lackofsensivitis’ disease i’m accusing said people of.

When will Nigerians stop broadcasting evil news? The saddening part is the supposedly young people who should be proactive in their thinking but i guess that’s just too much to ask. Young people being proactive!!! Abomination!!! When will people start utilizing the brain that God has given them to its maximum capacity?

Hello quirkies, i’m sorry for starting our ‘convo; that way. i just had to let it out 🙂 Hope we are all doing fine and we are all safe. Bank Holiday people enjoying it? Diamond Jubilee people having fun? i was gonna write a post about the unfortunate events in my beloved country Nigeria before what happened this morning.

Nigeria my country has not been perfect, at least for the 23years i lived in it. All i heard was “E go beta” (it’ll get better) “in the 1970s this was like this, that was like that” Fairy-tales (i choose to call them that ) my dad told me ; going to uni for free, free meals, laundry done for them, the Naira matching the Dollar in value etc

Nowadays all you hear and see is kidnapping, jaw-dropping armed-robbery, bomb blasts, mass deaths in various forms; road, air etc Even being in the comfort of your home is not a guarantee that you are safe.

Many have talked intelligently and with mind-boggling stupidity about the ill-fated DANA airlines crash so  I will not go into  what should have been or whose fault it was. Government? DANA? YOU? ME?  All i will say is the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of comfort be ever-present in all the homes of the families who lost someone or people  in the last 72hours. May the one who understands and knows all be there for you all.

Another area  i’ll slightly touch is the call to pray for Nigeria. I’m a christian and not against praying. Reading the bible and the escapades of the children of Israel, i slowly understood that the Israelites are one stubborn people my oh my!!! Save them one minute and before the end of the day they be calling His wrath on themselves again.

Nigerians, we truly need to look inside. From government to common man and all we really need to check ourselves; our attitude, where we have gone wrong. The Lord is not deaf that that He cannot hear our prayers nor His hand too short to deliver us, He says its our iniquities that has stilled Him from acting.

I have experienced grief caused by untimely death; someone you see now  next you know is he/she is no more. So i can boldly say i understand what each family is going through. My heart hurts for them, my eyes glisten with unshed tears whilst shed ones dry on my cheeks, my breath catches every time the scene flashes through my mind.

Finally all i can say is may the Lord forgive us and let everything we have done or still doing that is crying out for the blood of innocent people stop in Jesus’ name.

I’m sorry if today’s post sounds gloomy or what have you. These things just had to be said. I hope we all have a safe, blessed and favoured week. Don’t forget to smile, declare your love to him or her, cherish time spent with your family and friends. talk to y’all later ( BIG HUG)

 Might sound corny but that’s all i can say now.

2 thoughts on “God Bless Nigeria

  1. God will make us do the right thing to lift up Nigeria.The wisdom to do the things the right way..


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