Dear Quirkie

Timiebi Ebitibituwa

Desk G31,




Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Quirkie,

No.1 QuirkyTims Avenue,


Dear Quirkie,

It’s been one of those ‘I wanna curl up in bed with Fred and Bugsy and bawl my eyes out “ week.

How are you doing? And I hope you had a lovely weekend. I know you are not happy with me for not posting anything in the past weeks. I really do apologise and am writing this letter to let you know what’s  been going on with me since I last wrote to you.

Firstly, I am doing fine, thanks for asking 🙂 I have still not gotten that “thoughts book” I told you about weeks ago. Hence, I may not be able to remember all I wanted to say when I decided to write you this “letter”

I am still recovering from the sad events I told you about (the bombings, plane crash and fatal road accidents) last time. I’m taking each day as it comes and also praying for you every day.

I want to tell you about a lovely experience I had two Fridays ago. I was bemoaning my lost zest abi its zeal?? it starts with z anyways 😛  to take photos on my way home from work. I was walking past a park a couple of minutes from my house and just  stopped to bask in the glory of God’s work humans call nature 😛

I took a bjillion photos and even risked massive allergy attacks when I went in the garden, sadly I was down for a couple of days. Flowers, though lovely make me look like a craycray if I’m anywhere around them; I’m talking itching, eyes going red and all the bad stuff 😦

My weekends, I say weekends cos it’s been 2 weeks I wrote you 😦  have been filled with stress. The first one was not so good, I worked Saturday and Sunday. I woke up Saturday and was running late, imagine my frustration on getting to the train station and it was closed. As in was in shock! My beloved Northern Line has never been closed since our “relationship” began.

Anyways I finally got to work seething with anger at the added hassle to my ever growing mountain of stress not forgetting my garden escapades. Digressing a bit, I’m sure future husby will be unhappy at not getting me flowers ever! Hehehehe as in anniversary, birthdays etc he’ll have to get me expensive things! no settling for 20quid and all flowers. “insert evil laughter” 😛

High point of that weekend was learning the Spanish name for the frontal lower anatomy of the male specie. Hehehehe I will not tell you, go find out if you are curious to know and don’t ask me how I got to know. I also had male colleagues doting on me, it sha made me feel special 😛

Quirkie, I promise not to abandon you like this anymore. 2 weeks was just too much. I was sick with worry about you 😦  Wondering if you were ok and didn’t miss me too much 😛  anyways I’m feeling better now not really sha but I’m armed with my hay fever tablets so fingers crossed 😛

I missed you tho, it made me sad knowing you checked your mailbox every time for a word from me and didn’t get any 😦  but I’m comforted with the knowledge that you re-read previous letters over and over again 🙂

I will leave you with a song that has been part of my week in fact William McDowell has been a source of comfort to my soul these past weeks. You know those times when I feel down and just can’t explain the reason to anybody? I have been drowning in the sea of great and uplifting music. i hope you like it  🙂

Take care of yourself and i’ll write you soon. i drop my golden pen in the basket of love for now. hehehehehe my Naij boys will know this line 😛

Yours Sincerely



I forgot to add that I’m moving house, here’s a photo of my new room. I’ve not finished decorating so please be kind with the comments 😀


White RoseBeautiful isn’t it? one of the many shots i took in the garden at  Hendon Park 🙂 and i assure it was worth all the sniffing and pain.

P.S ok i assure this is the last line 😀 what do you think of the look of quirkytims? let me know if you like it . ok thats it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dear Quirkie

  1. ” I’ve not finished decorating so please be kind with
    the comments ”

    – Hahaha! You knew the haters were going to come after you.

    I feel you the lows from news of bombs and crashes. So disheartening but we must forge ahead.


  2. Hehehehe I get to report myself before I’m reported na! Yes o! Ahead we must forge smashing every wall obstructing our country’s greatness and advancement.


  3. Actually, your future hubby will be glad u’re allergic to flowers cauuse then, he’ll won’t have to make it a means to justify his actions when he’s wrong. Plus, u’ll like it too cause u’ll prefer to hear him simply apologize instead. Hope u feel better now, photographer.


    1. Thanks Lola for reminding me about that too. Verbal apology to badt 🙂
      Feel a bit better but still vulnerable until the end of summer and every where flowers pop up 😛


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