Miss me, miss me, now you gonna …….. me

It is with great shame that I type this first paragraph! how could you Timiebi!! how??? she muttered to herself. After all you promised, you even wrote a letter declaring you wouldn’t. With those few words of mine I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that “Timiebi is remorseful about going away” 😦

Hehehehe 😀 Hi lovelies, oops I did it again!! imagine me o! I had written a couple of posts o! just the time to type it is what I did not have this past weeks. *phew* where do I start from? I went to Durham for my aunt’s graduation; she’s a Dr you see, “dusting my puffed up shoulder” Dr Ekpobomene Waritimi (PhD Business Administration) yaaaay!

If I tell you about my woes and trials on the 28th of June,2012 choi!  will write and paper will not be enough 😦  Got to Durham the day before after a tedious 6 hour journey from London( I went by bus, long story to sum it up; Never again!) Graduation day was superb was so proud of my aunt and had a lovely time with my cousins and aunties 🙂  Oya time to go na, cab man said trains not going to London and do I still wanna go to the station, this is someone who was supposed to be at the hotel for 18:20. I was already fuming, said he can’t make it blabla. No cabs coming to the hotel, they stuck in a bad traffic. Long and short, there was a massive over-flooding in Newcastle that affected trains  going south and up-north.

Here I was stuck in the hotel and it was expedient I got to London that night as I had work the next day. So I carried my bag and started walking to the station. choi!!! I suffered 😦 (Can this story get any worse you say! hold on it does) After 15 minutes of huffing and puffing I get to the station, only to discover I forgot my oyster pouch which contained my bankcard, train ticket and oyster card o_o

Waited and waited to get a cab as I swore to myself that I would not walk to the hotel and back ever!! err got another cab, grabbed my pouch and was back at the station and then the waiting began.*insert action movie soundtrack*  Durham to Kingscross arrival time: 20:20 and like magic it changed  in 5 minutes to 20:35 and on and on and on and on it went till the train finally came at 22:22:55

To cut this long story short, I got into london at 1:40am instead of the 21:40 on the train ticket also the moral of this story is that “Timiebi cannot live outside her precious London!” warrisit! Hian!! -_-

I also embarked on a protein diet for 2 weeks; health is wealth my people! it was bad the first couple of days, had headaches and all but after that, i was looking for ways to keep it interesting, i started taking soup (oyibo type of soup o!) bean+black pepper soup, cream of mushroom, red pepper + tomato.. it was fun sha. On a break at the moment starting probably next week.

RCCG worldwide is embarking on a corporate fast the whole month of July, we thanking God for the first half of the year, if you can join in and the Lord will surprise you immensely this second half. He will also bring new ideas, blessings and opportunities your way.

I also went for my booboo’s 5th birthday party on the 30th  (Folajinmi Onabolu) he was 5 on the 26th of June. I had loooooads of fun! my inner child was unleashed err scratch that  I unleashed myself as my inner child hardly ever stays on the  inside. hehehehe 🙂 I had my face painted, my arms as well ( awesome ‘tat’ was done by an 8 year old) I blew bubbles, sorta kinda had a bubble war with the a couple of kids. It was fun and I think of all the adults that came, I enjoyed myself the most 😀  I even forgot I had my face and arm painted, got on the bus and was wondering why some dude was starring at me! LMBO 😀

Err that’s the update on what I’ve been up to, I’m gonna breathe for a while and let y’all breathe as well and I promise not be back soon.( reverse psychology or what have you)  I’m gonna leave y’all with photos from the crazy time I had and I will talk to y’all soon. love you all :* Remember your smile brightens someone’s day so give it freely.

Here are the photos: Enjoy 🙂

my aunt Dr Ekpobomene Waritimi


From the  left Mrs Tombra Mohammed,Dr Ekpos and Chief Justice Kate Abiri(my lovely aunties)


Olas, Me & Pams love these two :*

me faffing about in a photo booth at Durham station whilst waiting on my train to london

 Time train to London finally came 😦 proof to show i was not lying 😛 imagine looking at this clock for 3 hours+

bean+ black pepper soup

grilled chicken + pepper


see how much fun Jinmo and i had 🙂

Jinmi’s birthday cake; red velvet. it was yummy

And Finally……

me looking “take away” whilst Olas(cousin) stares in envy hehehehe 😛

3 thoughts on “Miss me, miss me, now you gonna …….. me

  1. My Babygirl, thank you so much for the lovely photos you took on my graduation! Your labour of love (travel dramas) is not in vain :)! I have tried to call you a few times since you forwarded that good news to me; but voicemail has been harassing me!


  2. Hello, my name is Angela Nwosu(nee Agali), I attended BMGS Bori, in Rivers state with a friend I believe to be a relation of yours. Her name is Bridget Izondeme Waritimi. Back then we use to call her Timi Black. She got married to Konyfa or so- anyway could you please ask her to e-mail me at mayanwosu@yahoo.com. We were great friends and I know two of those aunties when i used to visit at 88 Aggrey road in Port-Harcourt.


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