de moi à toi

Hiya quirkies, how are we doing this fine day. So i’m stuck at Wolverhampton for a few hours and thought to say hey to y’all cos looking at my week’s schedule(yh roll your eyes i do have a schedule 😛 ) i might not have time for a proper update and i sure will cry myself to sleep for a week if i do not get to talk to you(yup i love all of you that much)

Your beloved(i like to think of myself as loved by everyone 😛 ) hehehehe has been is sickyland for almost a week. Last week was terrible for me, massive migraine from sunday up until friday 😦 Saw my GP, did a couple of tests, waiting on the results but he says i’m stressed.

Stress ke! *insert dramatic soundtrack* how? When? Why? I myself cannot answer all these. Had to leave work early everyday last week in order to reduce the ‘stress’ i have come to the conclusion that i need a holiday! Need to go to an exotic place with exotic and ‘nice’ dudes. *wink* I’m gonna run and grab a bit of shut-eye before my train arrives.

Take care of yourselves and do good at every opportunity you get 🙂 no photos as this is really a quick and spur of the moment update 😦

P.S Happy graduation to bobo and to all my friends or should i say extended family members at Middlesex university who graduated today sorry it’s yesterday now. I wish you all great and better things ahead.

Talk to y’all later and don’t forget to smile to some random person today!

      Random photos of me patiently waiting for my train at Wolverhampton (pardon d scary face) just had to put up a photo 🙂

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