From A Thankful Heart

Sitting here on a bus going wherever ( that is  a very long story for another day) i decided to write something, anything! Hi quirkies! The intense shame  i feel at my total abandonment of  each and every one of you cannot be fully expatiated in this form of communication. All i can infer from the afore-mentioned shame is that i need to apologise to each and every one of you from the depth of my heart 🙂

Today’s post is sorta kinda a reassurance to myself that i will stick to what i start 🙂 and also thank God for everything He has done for me, my family, friends. I got a sad news from Naij that a close family friend passed away and another lost their baby after birth, it just got me thinking about life in general and how we procrastinate and just don’t do the things we set out to do 😦

I’m taking time to thank God for the life of everyone who has crossed my path in life; from when i was not bigger than a peanut and brought joy to my parents up until now that I’m all grown and trying hard positively impact everyone i meet in any way howbeit little possible.

I thank God for the friends He gave me, i thank Him for acquaintances, enemies, ‘frenemies’ etc. I thank God for the incredible people He strategically brought my way. I thank Him for the immense talents He has deposited in me, for the opportunity to be a light to someone everyday.

I also thank Him for my nuclear family; my daddy(yes i call him daddy 😛 ) who deals with my silly tantrums and still calls me his baby, a great man who still gets worried if i don’t call him in a week 🙂  I thank Him for my mummy, my sweet mummy, a rock, a gentle, loving and God-fearing woman. The woman who got all dressed up for me at 10:30pm yesterday just cos i asked her to model a dress and send me a photo. Love you mummy.

I thank God for my big Bro Keniebi, whom i call pookie 🙂 My confidant, my friend, my ‘padi’ makes me seem cool and important 😛 love you booboo!! I thank the Lord for my little munchkin Wanda (she’s chasing 6ft but she’s still my baby) the ‘efico’ of the Ebitibituwa clan, the head girl of her school, can’t believe she’s in SSS3 already!

I thank the Lord for David, my sweet ” i’m-all-grown-up-don’t-treat-me-like-a-baby” brother 😀  He is so sweet even without trying 🙂 and finally my baby Divine(Deedee)  the one who just knows what to say to brighten my day. Can’t believe i have not seen my sugar in almost 2 years.

I’m home now and trying to get myself lost in the one steady thing that comforts me whenever grief rears it’s ugly head; MUSIC. I’m just humbled by the fact that God loves me so much more than i deserve and takes care of me each and every day. As i lay my head on my pillow and the faces of people I’ve lost all  flashes in my head. All i can say is i thank God for every person i know and those who know me.

I also want you to know that Jesus loves you and He is calling you to Himself, He wants to share your burden, He wants to be the person you run to, the one who understands it all before you speak. He is waiting for you to make Him yours and He’ll make you His. Just whisper to Him today that you want Him in your life,that you’re sorry for all you’ve done and you want Him to save you and be your Lord.

If you said those words, you have become His and He will begin to change and turn your life around. I will speak to you all soon. Take care of y’all and always remember your smile brightens someone’s day 🙂

I’ll leave y’all with the song i have on repeat right now and i pray it ministers to someone out there. God bless you

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