Effacement des toiles d’araignée…

I have tried different ways of opening this post so many times in my head that I think my brain just upped and left!

Hello lovelies, It’s been eons!!! I will not bore you with stories of how the ship hit the plane in the skies aka “cool story” but will just humbly plead for forgiveness for the Houdini act.

I started blogging because writing helps me and like Brick from ” The middle” would say “it soothes me” *insert whisper* soothes me 🙂 but for the past few months I was in a place where I couldn’t deal with writing as it would mean baring some parts of me I wasn’t ready to expose.

I know this blog is about my opinion on life and what have you but I didn’t want to make it a diary of some sorts and subconsciously stayed away from writing anything regarding relationships, love etc because that is one Pandora’s box I am not willing to open.(Do I hear someone saying chicken?)

Anyways, I hope you are all reading this in good health and been good so far? I have missed writing, talking about God, my experiences and life in general.I have especially missed you! yes you! I also decided not to wreck the progress I made this year so I just had to post something!! Anything!!

I’m hopefully going to write a couple more posts( God giving me grace) before the end of the year. I’m not going to do that much catching up now ( I can’t believe it’s been 3 months ) but will try to summarize a few bits and bobs.

I got back from Nigeria in September, lost my phone on the plane ( that is a story for another day) Going to be homeless in a few days if my flatmates and I don’t get a place before January 14th. Started a new job, job description different from what I was expecting but it’s been fun so far!
I have had toothaches that would rival the pain experienced at the birthing of a child; for three months I was living off painkillers, Sensodyne toothpaste, Vanilla Extract, native chewing stick (from naija of course) etc. I finally had the surgery on Friday, 14th December and i can thankfully sneeze without the urge to punch something.

I have a budding relationship with my dad, he just makes me smile whenever I hear him say Miss Timiebi Ebitibituwa on the other end of the phone. See, my relationship with my dad has been more of a parasitic one; money, more money and then some more ( Better than asking some Alhaji or Chief abi 😀 ) but I’m trying to be better. Trying to call him because I want to hear his voice or know how he’s faring. Spoke to him yesterday, gave him updates about the house search and how we’re going to split the rent, that is; between the two of us hehehehehe!!

Anyways, I have been reading this series on people’s experiences in 2012 ( you can find it HERE ) and it has inspired me to try writing about my year so hopefully the next post will be about 2012 : the ups, down, middle and all of that.

I’m gonna leave y’all with a few photos of my trip to Nigeria and a song that has inspired me this month. Oh before I forget, my word of the month is “WONDERFUL”

I have also tried to get my Christmas spirit blazing by finally decorating my Christmas tree. This is a major feat as I have been in one heck of a Grinch mood all month.

Here’s a photo of my Christmas tree with a little help from Photoshop
Merry Christmas to all my Quirkies <3
Merry Christmas to all my Quirkies.
Finally I hope you still remember that your smile is the best thing about someone’s day so do not stop smiling 🙂

Now the Life Changing song: He wants it all by Forever Jones (This is a live version)

And now the photos…………. P.S Click on the photos for full size image 🙂
My Mum, Can you believe she's 50?
My Mum, Can you believe she’s 50?
Best friends Mrs Bissong & mum
Best friends Mrs Bissong & mum
The Ebitibituwa Girls :)
The Ebitibituwa Girls 🙂
Le Dad at the airport. only saw him for an hour :(
Le Dad (second left) at the airport. only saw him for an hour 😦
My brother & Mum
My brother & Mum
Cousin Edward Brisibe & I goofing about
Cousin Edward Brisibe & I goofing about
Sunset at Resort in Trade fair
Sunset at Resort in Trade fair
Lil bro David. He gave me 2 kisses everyday for 3weeks :)
Lil bro David. He gave me 2 kisses everyday for 3weeks 🙂
Divine, the baby of the house
Divine, the baby of the house
Mum's birthday cake(28/08/2012)
Mum’s birthday cake(28/08/2012)
Mum & Wanda doing Etighi
Mum & Wanda doing Etighi
I love my bro :* Love you booboo (he'll kill me for this)
I love my bro :* Love you booboo (he’ll kill me for this)

3 thoughts on “Effacement des toiles d’araignée…

  1. 😀 it’s good to know you’re good!! Was checking my subscription settings a couple of weeks back to be sure I hadn’t accidentalyy done smth there…
    I get worried about revealing too much to sha… Even have a secret blog already set up for all that (weird i thought)…. But hey!! It’s free!!!!


    1. Awwwww bless you. Thank you for the support 🙂
      Hmmm I think I should give that secret blog a go, like you said it’s free.Remember only the weird can rule so we on the top of our game 😛


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