2013 : A year to Remember

HAPPY NEW YEAR QUIRKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes we made it!!!! Through the storms of 2012, when it seemed like we would be swallowed whole by the trials, temptations, sickness etc. The Lord has brought me from a mighty long way!! I cannot help but burst into praise. *insert my azonto cum etighi wannabe dance*

I pray that this year will be everything the Lord has said it will be! No plan, wish, resolution that does not fit into God’s purpose for our lives will come to pass.

I was supposed to write about 2012 and all the things I learnt, experienced and what not but He said no need my child, why talk about a year that’ll seem crappy and mediocre by the time I step into 2013 🙂 * Can I get a Hallelujah*

For 2012, all I can say is thank you; to the wonderful people who made my life beautiful, to those who made me examine my values and see that it was not me but them, to those who hurt me and caused tears to be my bff, to  those who pushed me without even knowing, to those who made me laugh(a few, as I’m the one who performs this great task for people 😛 ) To those I hurt with words and actions, I say I’m sorry and may the Lord heal every heart. I want to finally thank God for my family, friendships(virtual and real) and you, yes you! Everyday I thank God for every single person linked to me. God bless you all.

2012, I heard from Him, lives were transformed as a result of His giftings and unction, I am certain this year will be explosive. I am tapping into something Pastor Agu of Jesus House said on 30/12/2012; The Lord will embarrass me with blessings.

I pray for all my quirkies today: you will receive before you ask, you will find before you seek and doors will be opened before you knock. 2013 will be a year that will distinguish you from the “lot” .

I decided I do not need resolutions, I just need to focus on what God has said, is saying and will say and I will see myself doing that which I thought impossible. This year will be different. It has been declared a year of Shining Isaiah 60:1 (Y’all best get your shades on) *WOOP WOOP * Y’all need to see how bright my room is, err this is from the sun sha 😛 Yup it is sunny in London today 🙂

I’m waiting on the song that will be my proclamation for January but I will leave you with this : Your Majesty by Bishop T.D Jakes . I cannot get enough of His Majestic works and awesome ways….

Talk to y’all soon 🙂 Even though we have left 2012 behind, there’s one thing I’m bringing from there into 2013; SMILE. Remember your smile will be the best thing about someone’s year, so keep on smiling 🙂

P.S This song just came into my spirit and it is for someone!! Hallelujah!!!! The Lord is keeping you for a reason, do not give up!!!

4 thoughts on “2013 : A year to Remember

  1. lol @ Azonto. Love this bit too: “…you will receive before you ask, you will find before you seek and doors will be opened before you knock.” You will be ’embarrassed’ with blessings (Amen). I said YOU WILL BE EMBARRASSED WITH BLESSINGS (AMEN) hehehe. I claim it too. Hooo…just finished my pasta…need to loosen my belt. Take it easy Tims!


    1. I say you will be embarrassed with blessings!! by fire by force you will be embarrassed with blessing..hehehehe
      Amen and Amen!!
      Pasta of life LOL
      Enjoy your day, mine’s just starting


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