Hello… Kiss Kiss

Hi quirkies!!!! I can’t believe January is almost over!! How time flies eh?
How is everybody doing? New year resolutions working out? Quit on any yet? Hehehehe. I’m trying real hard to keep up with the promises I made to myself; working to keep those friendships 🙂 making new friends ( those forming “donjazzy” for me, I’m coming for y’all pretty soon *insert psycho laugh* )

I have been going through some major changes; moving house( story for another day) my pookie relocating to Nigeria, my godson operated upon, not to forget I’ll be getting older in a matter of weeks *sigh* (I always obsess about my birthday weeks months before the day! I’m crazy like that 😛 )

Not gonna bore y’all with yawn inducing stories (yet). I just got off the train from the airport,my pookie on her way to Naija, will miss you to bits Faith. May The Lord favour you immensely. I’m moving some of my stuff to my new place tonight (sharing a flat with my former flatmates so the fun will definitely continue *wink wink* ) so hopefully by the time you read this I would have finished moving(P.S at the time of editing this, i just need to take down my bed and wardrobe and I’m done. So bravo to me !!!)

This is just a quick hello, kiss kiss kinda post.
Will hopefully write something substantial soon, no more waiting for inspiration; I will write by fire by force. Inspiration fit chill for hin grandpapa house for all I care 😛

Before I forget, I wanna say a big happy birthday to my baby, prince,love etc ; David Ebitibituwa!!! *insert fanfare* I can’t believe my baby brother is 14( actual birthday Jan 18th) and he’s in SS2. Feels like it was just yesterday we were wrapping plaster round his fingers to stop him from sucking them 😛
My baby, your light will shine bright, you will be a leader of nations, The Lord anoint you for success, you will not beg nor borrow. You will be a helper of many! An excellent spirit rest upon you.
Also a happy birthday to Uchenna Daniel Obuba of SlimDandy (Jan 24) . May The Lord bless you immensely dear xoxo

Talk to y’all later! May the blessings of The Lord continually dwell with you, your family and loved ones 🙂
Remember your smile is a balm that soothes someone’s pain…

Here’s a lil something to uplift your spirits.

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