Story, story, once upon a time……

I opened the door, kicked it shut, dropped my backpack on the floor and slumped into bed. My studio flat  looked cool; cream walls, brown furnishing, a touch of green, lemon coloured cushions and throws. A few months’ pocket-money had gone into getting that chic but simple look.

Let me check my Facebook sef, it had been one of those days where I questioned my getting an MBA. 20 friend requests, 10 messages. First message from Lucas “Hello, was browsing through and saw your profile on the uni’s page and thought to say hey. Did u just come to Oxford or what? anyways lovely photo. How rude of me, my name is Lucas and I know it’s cheesy but I’d like to know everything about you. Hope you reply 🙂 ”

I blushed, I love his name ‘Lucas’ i let it roll off my tongue ‘Lucas’. I checked his profile(yes o! if he’s not fine, nothing for him! yes I’m vain) scroll, scroll, hmmmm…. I immediately replied “No I’ve been here 10 months, nice to meet you.

This was the beginning of something beautiful…


Hello Quirkies, here’s something I wrote last year. What do you think? Biko this is coming from someone who has never written short, long, even medium height stories before! Let me know what you think? I await your response.

Talk to y’all later,  don’t forget to smile till your face hurts! Hehehehe 😛

I was on YouTube the other day and saw this video, enjoy.(be patient and let them talk you’ll enjoy it )

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