Woman of Steel

I love action movies! Seeing cars blown to smithereens, villains talking instead of just shooting the hero, why do they do that? You captured him, put a “cap” in him or shut up! Don’t get me started with that annoying laugh! Urghhh why do they do that? I actually like when they choke at the end of a good laugh 😛 oh I digress!

Oh yes, I was talking about my intense love for action movies! To sweeten the deal, cast some hunk  i.e Vin Diesel ( yeah shoot me! I love his body -_-  )  as the main character and add a few “fit” guys(Jason Statham, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds not forgetting Dwayne Johnson (that dude is super fit!!!) and I’m yours. *covers face*

Looking for a movie to fit this category? Avengers Assemble*drools* Some fit men were in that movie (Robert Downey Jr FIT)
Ok I’m supposed to be talking about my love for fast paced, heart pumping, seat grabbing, jaw-dropping movies not the eye popping, heart stopping, drool inducing men in them *giggles*

Man of Steel is premiering in cinemas this Friday and I cannot wait to see ; cars smashed, buildings crumbling and mayhem on the streets!!! Oh not forgetting the sweet and salty popcorn! Nope, I’m not crazy and do not need to sit on a couch and tell someone how my childhood has damaged me and made me into this chaos loving female! Hehehehehe 😛

I just can’t wait to see this movie, I have watched the trailer 5 times today and I will be gutted if it does not live up to my expectation!! Man of Steel! Bring it on!!!

I just wanted to share my thoughts with y’all hence this post 🙂 I know you still love me :*


Have a sunshine filled day (this is hoping someone will repay your smiles with an even bigger smile 🙂 )
Talk to y’all later

And now!!!!! My fav trailer for Man of Steel *insert cool music*

2 thoughts on “Woman of Steel

  1. Lol you’re not weird, you’re perfectly normal. One question though; I hope your boyfriend is just as unreal as all these guys you mention?


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