Still here standing

Hi quirkies!!!! Just a quick hello and “updatey” kinda post.
How’s everyone doing? fine I’m sure 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been 12 days since I deleted all the “cool” apps on my phones and iPad. It’s been fun,I spend a little more time talking to people on the phone, I have also reduced the number of times I reach for my phone. The hardest part is my inability to show people my food before I eat it(hehehehehe) It is well 🙂

Oh I forgot to add that I started an exercise regimen! not Insanity o! my body still needs to be a bit fit to do that. I registered with my uni gym and let’s just say His grace is sufficient for me. Nna  my body dey pain me ehn! (my body hurts)

I’m here, still going strong. I didn’t give up on WordPress so I should be posting something soon *fingers crossed* I have added new pages and sections, so check it out and let me know what you think(it’s still a work in progress so be gentle 🙂 )

I’ll leave y’all with this beautiful song by Novel. hoping someone out there makes it easy to love him/her *wink* Have a lovely weekend; I’m off so its TGIT for me! yippe!! Smile, smile and then smile some more…

6 thoughts on “Still here standing

  1. Lol @ my body dey pain me! It is well. In my case, I have the exercise dvd in front of me and all I do is stare at it…wishing I had superhuman powers to mentally “push” the play button! 😀


    1. When you get those powers please let me know, need it to mentally do those exercises and then physically see the results! hehehehehehe.
      I hurt for 3 weeks or so, I sprained my ankle the beginning of this month so I’ve been away! I’m itching to go back cos I think I sorta kinda in a way miss the pain. Am I okay?

      Btw thanks for stopping by xxxx


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