6 thoughts on “July 28, 2013 – Timiebi

  1. Hey hey! I’m under water (@ new theme) – just the way we Ijaw people like it, lol. Shame about your phone. Dile o! I can relate – lost my Nokia E75…but on the plus side it was a perfect excuse to splurge on a Samsung Note II 😀 By the way, I’ve nearly given up on Candy Crush – I’ve been stuck on level 102 and haven’t played it for the last 4 months! Good luck to ya. Love the quotable ‘…can’t take the Nigeria out of them’ – aint that the truth, lol. I can only imagine the antics and I bet they didn’t disappoint. Nice pics too. Burnt Oak? I used to live in Kingsbury for a while but I’m more of a south London typa kid, lol. Thanks for the read.


    1. I need to be flogged! In my defence I did reply this in my head. The ironic part of the theme is that I cannot swim!!
      I finally got a replacement (insurance) and the world is all kinds of right now.
      Candy crush is of the devil< I have not played in 2 weeks, I crumbled and bought those lollipops(I couldn't wait) That game is not good at all!!!!
      South London = Nigeria for me LOL
      Thanks for enjoying and a bigger thanks for commenting 🙂


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