P.S : Can I inspire you?

Hi everyone,
How are we doing? I’m gonna pretend I’ve not been away or anything(like a boss ) I have just not been in the “mood” to write ( yeah it happens 😦 )

I have been in sickville for a couple of weeks ; sprained my ankle (very funny story for another post) and had a “can only be from the pit of hell” migraine. I thank The Lord for His healing power 🙂

Been feeding off other people’s blogs; drawing inspiration, leaving comments, having fun and generally just chillaxing(yup I said it :P)

This is a quick hello kinda post, been writing a few short quotes, err words of encouragement and all (here and there nothing serious) and it was laid on my heart to share it with you all.
I also got schooled on the importance or is it benefits of listening to the Holy Spirit this week, so not taking any chances, this is going up today!! (put together or not 🙂 )
I hope you like them and they inspire you.
Can’t understand it? Don’t want to understand it? Feel like screaming or punching something??
Don’t worry, He’s got you; scream it all to Him! He understands it all!!

Learn to genuinely thank God for that “what the heck is this” situation!!
Really hard but it does work!!

You are God’s hence no weapon fashioned against you will prosper!

Take over Jesus; my fears, pain, hurt, sickness,incompetence, confusion!
Take it all, so I’ll be left with Praise!
I don’t want to hurt, I don’t want to cry.
Give me a garment of praise that I might exist not for all these but to worship You oh God!

Overwhelmed? Sick? Broke? Sad? Confused? Hurt? Alone? Worried? Dejected? Lost? Emotionally wrecked? Mentally unstable? Whole world seems to be crumbling?
It works!

I’m awake; I can walk, I can see, I can talk.
Is it not Your grace Lord?
Then they would say there is no God!
Father I thank You for life ,for every single breath and also for the grace to thank You.

Give me a garment of praise that I might exist not for the blessings, miracles and all but to worship You oh God!

And finally……

Tell your secrets to God, it’s safe with Him! He ain’t no Linda Ikeji 😛

Talk to y’all later and never ever ever forget that “Your smile is the best thing about someone’s day, so don’t scrimp on it 🙂 ”

OMGosh forgot to mention I met my ultimate crush for the 4th or 5th time(it still feels like the first time every time *sigh* )

Here’s lil photo of me and Basket mouth + a couple more photos of myself (just because) all merged into one beautiful photo! Can I get an Amen somebody!!! 20130819-184547.jpg

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