And we shall manhunt in the house of the Lord!

I know it’s not a “real real” post but though to share this lovely write up by one of my favourite bloggers.
Love you all xxxx


2 thoughts on “And we shall manhunt in the house of the Lord!

  1. spot on!!! its weird but for me its the exact opposite. I love dressing up to church, if I can dress up and wear his provisions to go out with friends, why will o not wear btw bestest to meet Him?? but then I hate… HATE… any form of meeting in church. guys do it a lot and they will tell you under the pretext of “A voice told me to wait and guided me to you” I granted about it on twitter a while back sef… like me and the Holy Spirit are keeping malice. the fact is that I see Sundays as my special date with God and I can’t even imagine sharing that time with anyone. I will rather not join any group and sit on my own and praise him by myself when I am lost in a large congregation. even those guys that like to form let me worship in your Church… sha don’t sit down with me or near me. Nah by myself I come Earth and nah by myself i go go!!


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