My prayer, my desire…

Oluwa ma je kin wa aye lasan! (Translation:Lord do not let my life on earth be in vain/live a  life without purpose/life of emptiness)
Let me leave a positive story when I leave this world. Let my life inspire others for good.
Let there be a clear cut difference between me and those who don’t know You.
Let Your love flow in and through me, that I burst forth with so much love that others will begin to feel Your love.

Lord, let my speech, action and thoughts edify another.
Let me not get all caught up and forget that I’m here to stand out as a light for You and not blend in.
Lord, You know how hard it gets sometimes; me thinking I’m losing out on some cool fad and what not!

Give me the grace to be content in You and your plans for me.
Give me strength to know sometimes it’s “Rad” or “Cool” to be set apart; set apart for You and Your work.
This is my prayer….
This is my desire…..

Hi guys, I wrote this a couple of months ago and decided to share with you all.
I’ve been going through some things and as scary as my thoughts have been I was comforted when I stumbled on this piece in my drafts section.
I hope it encourages someone the way it has encouraged me today and I hope your prayer and desires come to pass.
I’m making some changes and I think I might finally get that diary/notebook I promised myself almost a year ago!
So as the ideas, songs( I can hold a note or two) and whatever flashes through her mind, she’ll have somewhere to put it all down.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to tell me what you think of the new layout/feel of the page. I’ve also updated some of the pages as well.

May God bless each and everyone of you for me. Always remember; your smile is the best thing about someone’s day, so smile away!!

Talk to y’all later 🙂

This song has been of great comfort to me all week thus the title “Song of the Week

4 thoughts on “My prayer, my desire…

  1. awww…you’ve changed your blog outlook! It’s been so long I came here and I stumbled on you on worship and swag’s blog.

    It’s a good thing you found your draft that has helped you presently. May the good Lord strengthen, keep and teach you daily. Amen. 🙂


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