16 thoughts on “Hey boy!! I think I’m in love with you!

  1. i do not see a big deal in a girl stepping up to a guy

    she is not asking him to marry her na

    walk up to the guy, ask him on a date (dinner or just drink)

    y’all talk, laugh and have a great time…….(just dnt go on a date advertising your thirst)

    talk about life, love, ambitions, plans (not sex)…. dat gives him the impression that you are not just a chick looking for a knocking mate.

    yall say ur good byes after the date.

    let him be the one to reach out to you afterwards; if he does not……he is not into you;…my dear “Gbakamu” and move on


  2. To be frank, I believe women are scared of rejection, the power behind the fact a man can approach you and you can still say “NO” gives one an upper hand of power and a sense of “Yeahhhh *Looks In the mirror* I still Garrit *Wink*

    but relaying your emotions is highly advised, I mean what’s the worst he could say? “No”? Or I don’t feel the same way you do? Now you know how it feels not to have the upper hand.

    We are all equals in the eyes of our maker “GOD”. Therefore put your pride aside and tell him he has a nice perky Bum who knows he might just be the one?

    But Hey, Steady on with the marriage proposals, he may just think you want to wear the trousers in the relationship, or you may bruise his male ego. No man like to feel “LESS OF A MAN” by his significant other.

    Omoteeeeeeeeeee signing out 😀


    1. Hey sugarfoot! I love this, rejection is something us girls can’t handle well most times. Perky bum eh? A few dress rehearsals in from of my mirror and I’m good to go.
      “Hey boy can I get a minute of your time”…. Hehehehe


  3. Wow!! All these confident girls commenting and i’m just (. . ) … I can’t ask a guy out… I still don’t know how to even call my own bf without feeling uptight and uncomfortable… I’m not used to doing all that. If he doesn’t sound like he’s skipping with glee, i feel off.. #dontJudgeMe


    1. Skipping with glee she says! Do you sound like your skipping with glee as well? Cos he might also have expectations on how you should sound 🙂
      I guess previous interactions tend to affect how we relate with people, let the feeling types of way just melt away! Relationship is a two sided thing so don’t let him do all the work 🙂 waiting on the picnic update 🙂
      *rooting for you*


  4. ‘Hey boy, I think I am in love with you’ is never hard to say…never…not if you guys have a relationship going.


  5. I see no problem with telling a guy you like him and you may want to hang out with him. However, you need to leave it to him to take the initiative afterwards if not it could just turn out that he is being nice but doesn’t actually like you.


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