I don’t love you anymore

This question has been on my mind for few hours so thought to talk about it on here.
How do you love someone more than life itself, then  hurt said loved one?

I don’t mean “ouch” kinda hurt, I’m talking “plucking their heart out of their chest, grinding it to dust and blowing resulting dust particles away” type of hurt!
Someone you professed copious amounts of love for, planned a future together, made googly eyes with, shared firsts and lasts and then wham! It’s all over.

I’m not talking about broken hearts or relationships today but just trying to understand the logic of “I stopped loving you”
How do you stop loving someone? Hurt? Trust broken, new-found love? or just plain stopped!

I’ve tried looking at it from a Christian angle and guess we can also relate it to our relationship with God.
When we first accepted Christ, we loved him with all our heart, on fire was a mild way to describe us, then sin, unanswered prayers, doubts, trials of life set in and this love started to wane.
We didn’t pray as before, fasting was a thing of the past and wham! It became Jesus who?

I apologise if this doesn’t seem put together but I’m literally putting my thoughts on paper and posting as is.

Relationships, friendships, partnerships die, yup I used the word die. Like a plant without oxygen, sunlight or water, love slowly withers away until it dies. (Please note, I’ll be using plant, gardens as a reference point for relationships)
Sometimes this death comes as a shock but like the plant, if neglect occurs and sometimes this means not even checking on the growth of plant, it’s needs and whatnot.
Ignoring someone’s feelings or concerns over time, not tending to the “garden” that is your relationship, not “weeding” out negative influences results in the death of even the most thriving of “gardens”

These and many more(not written here) are some my thoughts on the reason someone would say “I don’t love you anymore” I welcome  any thoughts, contrary opinion, experience on this 🙂 Just drop it in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend and remember, your smile has the power to transform lives so don’t hoard it 🙂

P.S Yours truly attended a Mozart Requiem Concert hosted by Middlesex university yesterday. It was breathtakingly good. The soloist, choir and orchestra transported me to a wonderful place, at one point before the interval, I was the only black person there 😛
Here are a few photos from the event, enjoy!

London Firebird Orchestra!! They sounded wonderful…
Left to right, Tenor singer : Peter Smith. Soprano soloist: Lisa Rijmer. Fun fact, Lisa was born in Nigeria 🙂
Quick snapshot with conductor : Jonathan Rathbone
My lovely flatmate Amaka, who invited me.She was one of the choristers that did justice to the Requiem
Quirkytims channelling her inner conductor!!!


3 thoughts on “I don’t love you anymore

  1. well articulated. the truth is that one never stops loving, if there was, in the first place, true love! u can only stop showing it, but it doesn’t mean u stopped loving. wonder why it’s dangerous for ex lovers to meet themselves in future? just like the iroko that you can only succeed in felling, but u can’t take away it’s power to sprout again wen the conditions are right. nice right up, Timi. more ink to ur pen


    1. I like!!!! you don’t stop loving if it was true love, you just stop showing it! The iroko tree o! Very deep proverb! Thanks for stopping by Nonso 🙂


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