Ginger me

Ginger me with pillow talk and pretty things
Ginger me by candle light and long walks by the lagoon
Ginger me with intellect and wine
Ginger me boy with kindness and cool

Yes o
Ginger me slowly…

Ginger me with poetry and roses in the afternoon
Ginger me with trips to Monaco and to the Nile
Ginger me with power and humility
Oh Ginger me boy
Ginger me with your love
Ginger me slowly

Yes o
Ginger me slowly

Take your time hold me closer
Show me your heart and I’ll show you mine
Slow it down hold me longer
I’ll be your girl if we do it slowly

Ginger me with unexpected kisses and a dance
Ginger me with breakfast in bed for just us two
Ginger me with dreams of love and faithfulness
Ginger me boy with your heart boy
Ginger me slowly
Yes o
Ginger me slowly….

Slow down slow down slow down….


Someone asked me a few days ago what I wanted in a man (that is if I was looking for a man) and the words to Somi’s Ginger me popped in my head.
Obviously not all the words in the above song would be what I want in a man(I’d be happy if he has all though 😛 ) I’d have to add a few of mine as well.

One thing that surfaced over the past week when the issue of men and dating was discussed is my “talking to myself” habit! My colleague said “you know you’d have to stop talking to yourself when you get married right? ” I was like (o_O) that’s not gonna happen! He’d have to love me for who I am, which in this case means two of me! Hehehehehe

This conversation and the initial question got me thinking about the things people give up for marriage, friendship, relationships et al.
How much of you changes, according to someone you don’t change, you just adjust to your partner and this was supported by the “people don’t change” rule. I disagreed with him because overtime, as you grow older and hopefully wiser, your perception and understanding about certain things change which I believe births a better you or a worse you.
This I believe is change! (Open to your thoughts on this)

Relationships take a lot of work and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t hit the lab and create a “stress free” relationship potion. 😛
Until my “magic” potion is done, I bid everyone in one relationship or the other; strength, grace and love.
For being in love with another means doing everything within your power to make that person’s life brighter, better and sweeter.

Photo credit: Christian couples Instagram page.
Photo credit: Christian couples Instagram page.

Have a blessed, favoured and prosperous week! P.S : Don’t forget to smile, not only till your face hurts but till your heart is all warm and fuzzy:)


6 thoughts on “Ginger me

  1. That song is one of my fav….

    re: relationships…mehn those things are not easy but I believe each person gets to understand the other for who they are and in some areas they come to a compromise while in others, one sacrifices for the other …

    So yes, you do change as your grow older, you learn more about life and you adapt to the situation (marriage and then kids) you find yourself in.

    First time commenting as Miss Gidi…hehehe


    1. Miss Gidi live and direct! Yippie!! Mama I made it 🙂

      I fell in love with the song when I heard it on Sheila speaks 🙂
      Appreciate the comment 🙂


  2. One thing i’ve learnt in relationships is that you can only make someone happy if you’re happy… Don’t always bend over backwards for other peoples’ happiness because you might end up becoming miserable. No-one ever likes to hang out with misery. Think of it, we’re at our best when we’re happy.. People are drawn to us when we’re happy. So stay happy. Work at it! It’s more dependable than any other person,


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