Every tongue and tribe!

3 days into this fast and I’m like I never “hespered” to feel this way! Hehehe 🙂
God’s strength and grace is upon me in Jesus name.

By the grace and mercy of The Lord I will be writing here every day until the 1st of August! Somebody shout Hallelujah!!!!

I also wanted to tell y’all about a recent bible app I downloaded, it’s called Bible.is. I’m not sure if it’s on android but you can have a search.
For the apple users, just search for bible.is in the App Store and you’ll see it.
It’s also an audio bible app and I’ve been listening to the bible in pidgin, I mean the waffi pidgin for a week now and it’s been EPIC!!

There are other Nigerian languages as well; Yoruba, Efik, Ebira, etc not my own native language Ijaw!!!
You can also find other languages like Spanish,Jamaican creole, French, punjabi etc
It’s just amazing reading and listening to The Bible in differnt languages, indeed every tongue confesses that He is Lord!!

Anyhoo talk to y’all tomorrow. Don’t forget to spread your gift of smile 🙂

P.S I thought to share a couple of photos from today, I’m in love with black and white at the moment 🙂



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