Soul detox

Our thoughts matter so much. The thought really does count because what you think determines what you become. Unfortunately, most of us tend to be held captive by toxic thoughts, rather than focusing our thoughts on God’s truth.

There are four common categories of toxic thoughts. These are negative, fearful, discontented, and critical. Chances are you are struggling with toxic thoughts in one or more of these four ways. Don’t let these toxic thoughts grab hold of you and consume you.
The deeper you let them take root inside you, the harder they will be to shake off. Identify those thoughts and reject them today.

How have your toxic thoughts negatively affected your life and relationships? Which types of toxic thoughts do you experience most often?
The above post is an excerpt from a new bible plan I started today. It’s called Soul Detox, you can find it on YouVersion Bible App.

Our thoughts matter and I pray they become renewed as we consciously subject them to God.

Have a beautiful evening and know you’re the best person in the whole wide world so never let your thoughts tell you otherwise. Keep on smiling 🙂

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