This Single Life.. II

Don’t you just hate it when people think they know you and what your “problem” is? Find out more as you read along.

Today’s post is very late as I thought I scheduled it but didn’t *covers face*
It’s a repost from a lovely lady who has blessed me countless times and I owe her mum a big hug too(sending virtual hugs instead).

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Have a love, surprise and smile filled week.


Most well-meaning people are just liars.
Most often- I have come to see, understand and believe- however, that lies are told with good intentions.
Well, that is, not ill-intentions anyway.

Most often- when people lie- they really just mean to protect you, shield you from the truth. Bitterness. And so they bring tidings that result in fake happiness.

I remember when I moved to Lagos first; actually, no, just before moving; perhaps on the very same day I broke the news to my family and friends that I was moving, that both family and friends, especially my closest and bestest friends, joyfully exclaimed, “Oh Em Gee, Pinks, give it a month and you’ll start dating; another three and you’ll be engaged.”

I calmed them down and laughed with them, “Come on; let’s be realistic here.. six months!” And we laughed and jumped and cried together.

Tears of joy.

Yes, surely, there had…

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