Timiebi, you’re not silly!

We often tell ourselves we know another person completely which can be dangerous as many times we end up not being disappointed in people and their actions but in ourselves for having high hopes and second guessing.

The lesson here is ; don’t beat yourself up for someone’s fault, it’s their fault they messed up and does not reflect on your personal judgement or intelligence. Take ownership of your side of the issue and leave it at that, you are not responsible for another person’s action!!

Note to self: Timiebi stop calling yourself silly when people do wrong, it is not your fault! Okay ? Now breathe….

Have a lovely evening and don’t forget we’re still blessing people around us with our smiles, so smile on!!!

2 thoughts on “Timiebi, you’re not silly!

  1. Can totally relate to that.
    I used to take the blame for other’s action, covering them with the mantra “s/he probably didn’t know any better.” What I failed to realize then was that because of me, they never would!
    Now, I make it clear what part of a misunderstanding/an issue was my fault and apologize for that. Nothing more, nothing less.
    You’re not really helping anyone by taking all the blame. Whatever happened to the other person realizing his/her wrongs and amending their way?
    It is well..


    1. Ah the good ol “they didn’t know any better” I agree with you when you say they never will as we hinder their growth by not acknowledging their part of the issue.
      Thank you very much for this dear. it is very well o 🙂


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