The Walking Dead!!!

Today’s post is a repost from a great man I had the pleasure of meeting via Path. Tuale Boss Ochuko!!

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Humans are the most confused people… Read on to find out why!

Certified Son of God

Purple-image-purple-36329480-1920-1200Why are you just like this? Where were you, when God was giving others brains and talents? The people who came top in the class, how many heads do they have? Why must your case always be different? Why? Why?? Why??? Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

These are questions you’ve all heard at some point in your life. Probably even more if you have or you “know” someone who has overreaching/ *cough* African *Cough* parents. You see in my over 20 years of life, I have realized that humans are just about the most confused creatures on the planet.

Popular quote by Benjamin Franklin says “Most people die at the age of 25, but do not get buried until they are 75”, I say 25 is an overestimation. For people are dying day by day and the “life expectancy” seems to be reducing day by day as…

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