Don’t worry, be goofy


That was me yesterday at about 11pm. I was waiting for choir rehearsals to commence and decided to take a goofy photo with one of the flower arrangements in church, dont worry they are artificial flowers :p

When I think about my life and how much joy and laughter I bring to people around me, I say a quick prayer as I don’t think I would have it any other way.
You know when you think about who you are and what it is about you that people like? I’ve discovered that I can make people laugh, laughter rings like a church bell on Sunday morning when I’m around people( this has been tested across different races and tribes hehehehe)

Laughter is a vital key to a happy life and it’s a dark period whenever it disappears from out lives. So today I pray that our lives will continually be filled with laughter.
Have a lovely weekend and never stop smiling!

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