The Love Languages of Nigerians

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Sir, is your car covered by insurance?
I am covered by the blood of Jesus! Read on to find out more πŸ™‚


Love Language Nigeria

Language encompasses every nuance of a people’s communication. Slangs that are spin-offs from the intrigues in our sociopolitical arena are the thermostat of a nation. Whether elitist or egalitarian, these β€˜idioms’ drape our language like rich velvet. In examining language and tracing its use, we understand a people’s aspiration and disillusionment and unveil the evolution of culture.

Β Religion:Β God forbid!

Β β€œMummy, I have a headache.”

β€œGod forbid!”

β€œUncle Lagbaja, I am tired.”

β€œGod forbid; it is not your portion!”

β€œAunty Chioma, I can’t finish this jollof-rice.”

β€œGod forbid, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!”

β€œSir, is your car covered by insurance?”

β€œI am covered by the bloooood of Jesus!”

β€œMadam, your number is not on the promotion list.”

β€œGod forbid! All my enemies fall down and die!”

Welcome to Nigeria, religion is our mother tongue, and someone from the village is always β€˜doing’ someone…

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