The Love Languages of Nigerians

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Sir, is your car covered by insurance?
I am covered by the blood of Jesus! Read on to find out more 🙂


Love Language Nigeria

Language encompasses every nuance of a people’s communication. Slangs that are spin-offs from the intrigues in our sociopolitical arena are the thermostat of a nation. Whether elitist or egalitarian, these ‘idioms’ drape our language like rich velvet. In examining language and tracing its use, we understand a people’s aspiration and disillusionment and unveil the evolution of culture.

 Religion: God forbid!

 “Mummy, I have a headache.”

“God forbid!”

“Uncle Lagbaja, I am tired.”

“God forbid; it is not your portion!”

“Aunty Chioma, I can’t finish this jollof-rice.”

“God forbid, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!”

“Sir, is your car covered by insurance?”

“I am covered by the bloooood of Jesus!”

“Madam, your number is not on the promotion list.”

“God forbid! All my enemies fall down and die!”

Welcome to Nigeria, religion is our mother tongue, and someone from the village is always ‘doing’ someone…

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