Greatest hug of all!

Lethargic would be the best word to describe how I felt today, add dash of dizzy, cup of drained and you’ll properly understand how your beloved Timiebi’s been feeling all week.

The migraines surfaced on Monday! Chai you don’t even wanna pray them upon your enemies! Hehehehe

Before I bore y’all with my migraine tale, let’s go back to today. Wednesdays are “digging deep” services in RCCG. It’s a time we study the bible and just delve a bit more into God and His words.
I Timiebi did not want to go to church today but had to as I was leading praise( yeah I sing 🙂 )
Fast-forward to 6:45pm, I’m in the restroom, trying to ginger myself( aka put myself in the right frame of mind :p ) I give up and just ask God to have His way.
I run into my friend Gbola on my way out and he senses that something is wrong, I tell him and he’s like yeah he knows the feeling and told me what his dad says to him in times like this said “when you don’t feel like praising God, that time is the perfect time to praise Him”.
I sigh, smile then go back inside.

Prayers are still going on so I fall on my knees, not saying a word but my heart is open. I don’t even know when the tears start rolling, the ache and pains and then like magic, the person leading prayers mentioned what I needed to hear, “no matter what life throws at you, God is there for you” Ah this great God hears and understands, and He sends comfort when you need it.

What’s the “koko”(point) of this tori(story) you ask? It’s to let you know that God will never leave you, even when you feel He’s definitely out of your life/situation, He stretches His arms wide and gives you the warmest of hugs. There’s this peace that comes from knowing God’s got you!! Hallelujah someone!!!

Phew!!! I feel better now 🙂
Have a lovely evening and remember, your smile is just what someone needs to go on! So SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!!!

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