Drop the weight, Atlas wannabe!

Atlas. Source: wikipedia.org

Sometimes, I feel like the world’s on my shoulders.
Like I’m Atlas, holding up the sky.
A weight not to be borne by mortal man or child.
Quitting is not an option, I’ve come too far to stop now.

Sometimes, I feel like Love doesn’t love me.
Like I’m Calypso cursed to live on that damned island.
Fated to love but never have it returned the way I would like to give it.
Yet, I love!

Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one left in the world.
Like I’m Will Smith in that weird movie “I am Legend”.
Seclusion has become something I welcome with open arms.
Depression peeping at me from the horizon.
I’ve learned to fight it and stay strong.

Sometimes I’m just……………………………………………………………………….. blank

Sometimes, I just want to hear clearly the voice of God.
Like my Beats by Dre headphones say “You know what child, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere..
I’ll be here today, tomorrow until there are no more tomorrows”
But I’m scared of even that.
That which I seek scares me more than that which seeks me (I wonder what this means)
People tell me, “take it easy”.
I read everywhere “nothing is impossible” But then, impossible is Nothing!
Nothing…. Nothing…. Nothing….

For quirkytims by a special friend…..
Thanks Mr A, this felt like my words spoken(written) by another, how do you even know what to write? Thank you very much for allowing me share it with my special friends 🙂

Remember, God is ALWAYS there when you feel alone, invite him in and he’ll calm your soul. Drop the weight at His feet and let him help.

Have a blessed day and keep on transforming lives with your smile 🙂

P.S ; Today,  find someone in your life to speak to when it gets too much, don’t bottle it all up!

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