Quirky Goes to School


Guess who’s back in school? Yes you guessed right; ME!!!
If anyone told me on the 1st of January that I’d be a student come December, I’d LOL(laugh out loud) in their face but I guess the joke’s on me!

With Middlesex University Mascot. (induction day)
Bumped into the Love Mdx Mascot on Induction day

Now, I love being back at school ( that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) but it’s been a bit of a struggle considering I’ve been out of the academic world for almost 3 years.

Imagine having to re-teach myself how to reference *covers face* . Getting into the habit of going to the library and even created a hashtag for it :p #LibraryLiving , sacrificing my weekends for scintillating group brain storming sessions, Oh not forgetting my staple diet of Chicken&Ham sandwiches( I’m officially apologising to my digestive system).
I also think I’m lactose intolerant (story for another day) but it might be due to the high yoghurt consumption in the past 3 months 🙂 .

Now back to uni talk, I’m currently studying for my masters at Middlesex university and I believemy time working at various places and especially my stint at NOW TV helped streamline my course of choice ; e-Marketing and Social media. No, it’s not all about posting things on Facebook or tweeting (if I get asked that question one more time, I will explode 😦 ).

I’m swamped with deadlines, major and minor course related drama I cannot discourse here and  I’m secretly wishing I could extend December because once we scream “Happy New Year” , the doors to Timiebi’s Super Duper Busy life will be open!
On the other hand I can’t wait for 2015 my year of …… ( Patience is a virtue :p ).

So quirkies, that’s the latest thing happening in my life and the reason I’ve been away, I hope y’all will forgive my inconsistent posts, and blame any further disappearing acts on coursework!

Great news is I just got the grades for my first assessment and I’m happy to say that my 38 hour stint at the library was not in vain!

Library Living Face
Not bad for someone who had not slept for 38 hours!

I’ll leave you with a  couple of digital marketing campaigns we recently looked at in my Mobile Marketing class. I hope it makes you smile and gets your creative juices going the way it did mine 🙂 . Talk to y’all later and don’t forget to keep smiling 🙂  Go Penguins!!!


4 thoughts on “Quirky Goes to School

  1. Lol@ ” I’ll explode if someone asks me that question one more time”
    Congratulations on your return Timiebi 🙂 I think that’s an exciting course of study. Welldone and may God’s goodness characterize your experience during this school phase and beyond.



    1. You don’t wanna know how many times I get asked this question!! I sorta punched my friend yesterday for saying “so all you do is go on Facebook and Twitter right?” Hehehe
      Thanks for the prayer and I say a big amen!


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