Thankful Timiebi; 22 things and more

Hey beautiful people!!! It’s the last day of what has been an amazing year, for me it’s been a roller coaster ride; ups, downs, swirls etc and I’m dazed about how I’m still standing. It has been God all the way!
As promised in my earlier post, today I’ll be sharing my “22 things I’m thankful for”, this is something I started last year and I thought to continue this year.

I’ll challenge you to write what you’re thankful for and you’ll see how brighter even the bleakest of days will be.
So let’s get started 🙂


10th December 2014

My daddy, my hero

Today I’m thankful for my daddy. I’m one of the many children that at some point or the other “hated” their dad( don’t crucify me for this). One thing that I can never fault him for is his love for me.

Facebook banter
Banter with padre on Facebook

I’m thankful for the trials, tears and struggles for they have strengthened him and our family.
I’m thankful for the successes for they have proven hard work and a lot of God in the mix pays off.
I can’t wait for 2015 because I know all we’ve prayed for will unfold and surprise even ourselves.
I love you daddy! Today’s his birthday as well so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddy!!

DJ Archyra
Michael DJ|Photographer| Bossman

I’m thankful for this wonderful person that shares the same birthday as my daddy, thank you for a wonderful year Opeyemi Michael Akiode. You have been a great friend this year and I’m thankful for that, 2015 is our year of greatness!!

11th December 2014

The queen of my heart.

Today, I’m thankful for my mummy. Lord you placed this angel in our lives and I’m thankful for that. She has been through a lot but has kept her faith and been a pillar to our family.
I’m thankful for the love you have for every one of us, for the days for I angered you, the days I was unreasonable, the days we made you proud as your children.
May the Lord bless and keep you mummy.

12th December 2014.

Today I’m thankful for my siblings, Keniebi, Wanda, David and Divine. They have made this year a delight, I’m thankful for the close bond we share and how it’s getting closer.

Meet Wanda; the beautiful and somewhat geeky girl 🙂
Meet David: He makes me smile every time he say I love you!
Meet David: He makes me smile every time he say I love you!

I’m thankful for David and his “I love you”, My bro Blessing and our beautiful conversations, Wanda and our Skype and Divine with her constant “when are you coming” anthem! I love you all.

Meet Keniebi; The one who calls me annoying names and makes me laugh about boy troubles :p
Meet Keniebi; The one who calls me annoying names and makes me laugh about boy troubles :p
Meet Divine, my lil munchkin. the baby of the house

13th December 2014


Today I’m thankful for my fears! Why? Cos in the midst of them I’ve thrived.
There were fears that left me immobile, shattered and emotionally drained(especially those that came through)
The fears that pushed me and made me better! I’m thankful that I’m able to realise it’s okay to have fears but not let them stop me.

14th December 2014


Today in thankful for life, the mere fact that I am alive and on earth. I’m thankful because I know the mere fact That I’m here is proof that I have a great work yet to be done!

I’m thankful for the air I breathe, food I eat and water I drink.
I’m thankful for eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to walk, hands to clap…

15th December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for sleep! We’ve had a very whirlwind romance this year! Him running away, me frantically chasing. In all this love hate drama, I’m thankful I have not relied on sleeping pills so much this year. Thankful I can shut my eyes( Howbeit unconventional sleeping times) and drift into lala-land

16th December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for music!! Music has blessed me tremendously this year. For the body pumping ones I listened to whilst jump roping, the Afrobeats tunes that made me dance on the streets( Yes I dance on the road) I am most especially thankful for the spirit filled and soul uplifting songs by psalmists of the Lord. Music has broken me down, uplifted me, made me burn fat, but most of all it has INSPIRED me and for that I am grateful.

17th December 2014.

Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding dusted with icing sugar served with a cup of custard( banish: shaved chocolate and lemon for colour)


plantain 2.0
prawn et poulet a la boozy cream sauce with a side of plantain garnished with brocolli, cauliflower and carrot.

Today I’m thankful for food, the melt in your mouth, close your eyes and sigh food. I’m thankful for the times I had to eat and times I didn’t. I’m thankful for how it’s nourished me and for the times it poisoned me. Thankful for the eye tantalising food I was able to cook, photograph and eat.

18th December 2014.

Meet the anifalajes
Meet the Anifalajes

Today I’m thankful for the Anifalaje family. A group of people God brought into my life a year plus ago. Bimpe, Omotara, Omolara, Denike,Vicky,Abebi; sisters and friends God has blessed e with. Sunkanmi and our grand Patron Femi, God bless you all.
Thank you for the times of supports, huge shoulders to cry on, virtual hands to hold on to and great people to have laughs and just be silly with. I love you all.
I’m also thankful for my flatmates cum sisters ; Amaka, Terry, Elohor. Thy have been a source of joy this year, God bless you girls, love you all.

19th December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for the times I was “broke”. Oh lord were they many this year, all in all they helped me develop new recipes, ways to make things go further and made me appreciate the times of plenty. Thankful as I appreciated the sufficiency of God in my life.

20th December 2014.

Word of God

Today I’m thankful for the word of God; true, living and powerful. The words from ; the Bible, praying, spending time just loving up on him, music! God’s word has been a vital tool in my life this year and I’m thankful for that.

21st December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for DIY. Those wonky mirrors I made, the handy yet quirky things. For very time I made/fixed something I’m thankful Lord.

22nd December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for books, the; “take me to a different time and space”, “increase your knowledge and learn about new things” , motivational and life changing  books.

23rd December 2014.

Omobolu et Folajinmi

Today I’m thankful for Omobolu, my sweet friend. Thankful for the times she was there to listen to me rant; from church to boys to life. For the times we shared laughing. For the times we shared goals, dreams, I’m thankful.
Love you baby girl.

24th December 2014.

Liverpool street
Liverpool Street terminal

Today I’m thankful for journey mercies, I didn’t travel outside of England this year but I’ve been on the road a lot, travelling outside London, hopping from bus to trains and God has been faithful. I do not take anything for granted, that I can leave my house, arrive at my destination(s) and get back home safe and sound is by His grace.

25th December 2014.

Merry Christmas

Today I’m thankful for maybe birth of my Lord and saviour Jesus. The essence of my living, without whom I will be lost. May this season bring you and yours joy, peace, love, blessings and many more.

26th December, 2014
Today I’m thankful for the wonderful people I met this year, those that left and those who I’m yet to meet( 5 more days till the end of this year, I guess I can still meet people) I’m thankful for those who weirded me out, made me smile, people who allowed me bless their lives with a smile, meal, and just being around. Thankful for Jojoloreoluwa, Nonso, Uju, Babawale, Mr E, Aderinsola, Gbola, and anyone I’ve forgotten to mention you made 2014 wonderful.

27th December 2014.

Prayer is the key

Today I’m thankful for prayers. That songwriter was not lying when they said “prayer is the master-key!” Prayer turned around my life this year, even when all I could say was thank you Jesus or Lord fix it. For the times when I couldn’t and people interceded on my behalf I am grateful.

29th December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for the stupid decisions(see I didn’t call them mistakes) I made this year, oh were they many! I’m sure in a few months I will look back and laugh at them but now I’ll just give thanks as some are still fresh( those I just wanna slap some sense in myself decisions)

30th December 2014.

Thank You God

Today I’m thankful for God, yes the one who created me and all around me. See without God I would be lost!! Thank you for your love, mercy, kindness, miracles towards me. My heart is filled with praise and thanks to you. I love you Lord!!

31st December 2014.


Today I’m thankful for 2014; a year I loved, lost, came crashing down, experienced miracles, lost sleep, smiled , jumped for joy, lost faith, rekindled friendships, laughed, learnt a lot…
I’m hopeful not because of my plans and strategies but because I have the hope of many, Jesus on my side!

Cheers to a wonderful 2014 and an amazing 2015!
Happy New Year Quirkies !!!!! I’ll see y’all in 2015 🙂

5 thoughts on “Thankful Timiebi; 22 things and more

  1. So, I introduced Jojoloreoluwa to you and he gets mentioned before me 😡.

    Green beast over though, I thank God for the gift that’s you. And I hope someday, we will see and share bottles of brukutu. 😊

    Have a wonderful 2015.



    1. Hehehehe Derin o, you’re the grand patron of our friendship and cannot be slyed. I apologise for the slip.
      I’ll take you up in that offer and hopefully sooner than imagined, thank you for being Derin 🙂


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