Dear Modesireireoluwa; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

Dear Modesireoluwa
Source: Me Photo shot and edited by me

Dear Modesireireoluwa,

I decided to write you this love letter to remind myself of the beautiful things God will bless me with. Don’t laugh too much or call me emosh(or whatever name your generation calls it now)

I can’t wait to see you, you’re still a teensy weensy egg but the amount of love I have for you is mind-boggling.

I can’t wait to touch your face, count your fingers and toes and recount just to make sure.
I can’t wait to document every minute I get to spend with you. Don’t be scared when tears stream down my face while staring at you, it’s the joy the sight of you brings.
I love your eyes; round, big and pure. Filled with all the love and my constant mumu button.
I love your curly black hair, I love your little feet, I love how you coo and gurgle with joy.

I love when you scrunch up your face when I don’t pick you up or when dada tries to feed you the famous cauliflower+carrot mash (hubs please we are tired of your aeroplane tricks, try something new :p ) 
My heart expands, contracts and then some more at the thought of having a beautiful, intelligent, God-fearing daughter like you.

Modesire, the thought of you makes me jump for joy. I can’t wait to hear your melodious voice shout mama( yes hubs she’ll say my name before yours) and fling your arms wide open for a “pick me up”.

Desire, I’m letting go of vices as I’m afraid of being a bad mummy,so  I’m learning and discovering new things I can add to my “mummy bag of skills”.
New things like:
– How to teach you to love God, yourself and people around you.
– How to be patient and long-suffering, how to be a great woman.
– How not to be that typical Nigerian mother everyone makes memes and videos about ( memes are something people started years back, you guys call it ….. now)

Most of all, I can’t wait to teach you how to stand strong despite life’s storms, tests and trials.

Baby girl, I want you to know today and always that I love you and nothing (irrespective of the shouting/spankings or how annoying I get) will ever change that.




Happy Valentine’s Day Quirkies, I love you all with all my heart xxx

Thank you for reading my letter to my baby girl. I’ll give you a back story to the name: Modesireireoluwa, it’s a Yoruba name and means “I’ve come into God’s goodness” .
I know I’m not married or anything but I got this name for my first baby girl when I left secondary school and even if hubs isn’t Yoruba he’ll have to indulge me 🙂

I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday; I’ll leave you with this song Small Bump by Ed Sheeran . When I heard this song, I loved it so much and even though the last few lines are sad, it still speaks to me and inspired my first lullaby. I hope you enjoy it 🙂




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