Dear Kings; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

Dear Kings, I’m writing you both this letter in response to the words the Lord has spoken to me.

I can’t imagine I’m having twin boys!!!! I’m sure you just looked at yourselves and shook your heads saying “she’s at it again”. Hehehehe 😛

I know it’s odd explaining how I knew I would have twin boys even before they were born( don’t worry ask me when you’re 10).

I can’t wait to see you both, wait this means there has to be twenty fingers and twenty toes, oh dada will have to bring the calculator for this one!

I got scared when I realised the words spoken ages ago finally came to pass, from the moment I found out my heart beat faster at the thought of you.

The first fruit of my loins( dada yours too don’t be jealous), laying in my arms and I’m overwhelmed.

How did I get here? A place of love overflowing, tears of joy unending, I’m sorry I sorta drenched your faces in tears, it’s because my heart couldn’t take the joy bubbling up.

I can’t wait to see you both bond, fight yourselves, love each other and defend your sister.
I’m amazed at how alike you look but unique in your personalities.

I can’t wait to see you teach each other things, stand up for yourselves in those cute ways! Telling each other no, yes or just laughing with abandon. I love how you both have this secret language( trust me, dada and I have given up decoding it).

Yes I can picture your cheeky strategy sessions, dada has his hands full 🙂 .  I can see you playing the guitar, my crowns… Ah so you will serenade mama often.

My babies, my kings, men who will shape and change the future.Leaders, visionaries, ah I’m overwhelmed ( you can tell I’ve always been proud of y’all right? ) 

Four eyes staring at me with love, trust, and what I call the ” she will cross many seas for us” look. I know how much work lies ahead so I’m working hard, hard to be a role-model, learning, re-learning, scrutinising, ensuring I develop and be the best mother ever .

I can’t wait to teach you how to be good men; men who lead by example( no hubs I’m not taking your place), teach you how to be sweet, charming, considerate men. How to treat women right and be a true man of God,

I love how you stand for God everywhere you go; showing people around you His love and encouraging them. I love teaching you to love yourself, others and God

Dada and I love you and are thankful for two wonderful boys. It’s hard writing this letter,  for some odd reason I keep breaking down in tears and can’t go on!

You’re my baby boys today, tomorrow and forever. No matter how far you may seem from me(little tweensie eggs), always remember that Mama loves you. 


It took me a long time to talk myself into posting this letter. I wasn’t sure I wanted to but I remembered why I decided to write this series ;a reference for encouragement.

Once I was reminded, I finished this letter, edited it and went about posting 🙂  hopefully I’ll post the next letter in the series  tomorrow( fingers crossed)

Take care of y’all and keep on smiling as it’s connected to someone’s day!

2 thoughts on “Dear Kings; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

  1. *smiles* Wonderful! I can picture them reading this and blushing!

    So we’ve read for the daughter and the sons. Lets see who tomorrow’s for.


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