Dear Hubs; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

Dear hubs, I know this might be one of the many cheesy things I’ll do but you’ve just got to humour me!

You are everything I asked for and much more than I imagined. I can’t wait to sing you my horribly composed love songs, remember you promised to love me through everything; including my random dancing moments. I can’t wait to annoy you with my obsessive compulsive arrangement of dishes (babes it’s bowls, side plates, dinner plates and then any bigger plate/tray *sigh* )

I can’t wait to stare into your eyes, sigh and say I love you, fart comfortably in your presence, as my great friend always say “farts are an essential part of any relationship” hehehe 😛 . I can’t wait to hold your hands and pray for our family and ministry.

Hubs, you are a blessing to me and I’m thankful to be called your wife. I can’t wait to unleash the proverbs 31 woman in me( remember she was married so do quick). I close my eyes and I can imagine you, not the idea of you but the real you, the one I need not want.

I know it seems like I’m daydreaming or is it fantasising but you’ve taught me that a woman can have someone who will love , support, cheer her on, heck push her into fulfilling God’s plan for her life without stifling her. I love how you don’t let me be until I accomplish my goals and then some.

I love how you smile( but I’m the best “smiler”ever, Oshe!), how you scrunch up your face when you’re trying to solve a puzzle or decipher what’s going on in this awesome but crazy mind of mine. I’m amazed at how your mind works; how you analyse and come up with beautiful discoveries.

I love how you lead by example, showing the Kings how to be real men and teaching Modesireireoluwa how a man should treat her. I love how you love our children, how you let them know you’ve got them! You Mr, are an example of walking with God in our action; you show love to people around you.

I can’t wait to hold you forever, show you every second of every day how much you mean to me. Have you wait on me hand and foot on those “I need my mommy” days( trust me bobo they will come!) I love how even when you’re miffed at me you still do the usual things. You give the best hugs and sloppy kisses by the way( just putting it out there :* )

I love messing with you until you give me that look, the one that makes me want to try harder until we….. I love how you try to tickle me even when you know I’m not ticklish, you on the other hand hehehehe talk about walking tickle time bomb!

Should I talk about your kiss? Err nope let me just show you, please pause here and kiss your wife, thank you very much *wink wink*  

Do you notice I have not mentioned one physical attribute? It’s because we know I’m the hottie 😛 for real though you are one fine man hubs and lucky blessed to have me! Hehehe( you can write your own letter if you disagree with statements made here) I can’t wait to help you grow into a better man, husband and father and have you by my side on the journey to being a better woman, wife and mother. I promise to be a cheerleader, critic, baby popper, annoyance machine, “get your act together” saying and most importantly “hubs can you get that” woman. Hehehe 🙂

See there was I time I gave up on you, not because I didn’t believe you existed but because I got tired of waiting on you. Bless the heart of people who crassly and nicely asked when you would come in the picture, I guess they sorta contributed to the “I’m out” feeling.

I’m glad I gave up because in letting go, you caught me. Thank you for being my motivator, my heartbeat, my crown, honeybun, sugar-flakes, hubs (all Na wash, we both know I love calling you my tweaked version of your name 🙂 )

I love you husband of mine, today, tomorrow and always.


Yay!!! I did it, I promised a post and fulfilled it. This was the easiest of the letters( don’t ask me why :p ) i believe I have two more letters and that’s it. Who’s next? You’ll have to wait till tomorrow, and yes it’s a strategy to keep you coming back 🙂 .

Have a lovely weekend and keep on smiling 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dear Hubs; #QuirkyLoveLetterSeries

  1. LOL, quite an entertaining read, I do that random dancing moments too. Grieves my mom to no end. Hope we meet this mister soon, he sounds ‘sent from heaven’ *wink*


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