Dawn. That one friend you can write a bestseller about. She urged me to write a piece about God, life, family, and love. Here goes:

God puts up with me. Complaining constantly about what’s left to bounce into focus in my life is what I do best. The very moment I rise, the first thing I utter aloud is “life’s not easy.” Ironically, I happen to have it easy. Although, my usage of it is euphemistical, still, it’s absolutely unjustifiable, considering how God has blessed me unequivocally. In fact, sometimes, I feel undeserving of God’s love. Then again, don’t the best of us feel that way.

Lately, I’ve been more into philosophical discourse: sheer passion. My interest has grown so much it’s transcending my writing style. I’m afraid I’ll one day become nonplussed at my own ideas, birthed from near-obsessive thoughts. For me, writing is monumental. I’m happy for anyone who isn’t me. For to be me would mean living a daily struggle to contrive for what is unknown. There’s something I stand for, but as of now, it’s indeterminate. At one point in my life, I thought I got it right. Really. As a challenge, God replaced my status and I’m not necessarily back to square one, but I’ve got a few bumps ahead to hit, then be back on track, in time.

Life is uncanny. More significantly, life is revolutionary. How one minute, you’re the maker, the next you’re the product. If anything, I’ve learned to be unassuming. I promised myself to find love. I have a skewed meaning of it, by the way, but my family knows that. Loving makes more sense. I hope that when I do find my person, we’re able to spare the time to learn from each other. In the meantime, I’ll maintain my uncharacteristic diversion on writing.

©R.Omolola.U 2015


Lola the Rock Climber
Lola the Rock Climber

People talk about friendship sometimes like its only physical, physical here being; seeing each other, talking and hanging out.For Omolola and I this is different, I have known her since 2010 but we have never physically met. We’re an example of you don’t have to talk everyday to be good friends. Yay cyber/online Friendship.

She’s been there for me at my worst; crying and wondering why or what yet she listened, I also believe I have been there for her as well, remember yahoo messenger? hehehehe, thank you for being you, Lolly April Heart. I love you.

I have had this post for a few weeks and uni life has made it difficult to post. An email from gatlinmay (thank you for checking up on me 🙂 ) was the exact prodding I needed to post it today. I just realised it’s the 1st day of April, apt right? Yay!!!

I hope you enjoyed the post, please let me know if you would like to be a guest writer.  I don’t know anything and I’m open to reading people’s opinions on my favourite themes; God, family, life, friendship and love. All you need to do is email me on : and we’ll get this rolling.

Happy New month beautiful people!!! May this month be filled with joy, peace,love and much more than you can imagine. Have a wonderful week and always remember;  your smile is the best asset ever, so don’t hoard it! SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!!!!


  1. Ha.–you know I had to be the first to comment. Smiles. 🙂 Dawn (my favorite of your names), Timibie, Tare. Dawn: I told you I’ll steal it for my unborn child. I think it’s unisex. So easily how I digressed: that’s how conversing with you have always been, even though our busy life schedules coupled with distance tends to betray us, we have always somehow managed to pick up where we left off.

    Now, to the post: very good timing, by the way. Uhm. I’m honored to be a guest writer on your blog. I think you’ve featured me on your blog before, but that was before your customized website. Friendship. Wow. Indeed, we have made five years, huh. Seems like I’ve known you for forever though. I’m glad neither of us gave up, despite not having met face-to-face. Don’t worry, once you make money off your blog, I’ll have to book a flight to London. HaHa. But seriously, I can’t wait to taste your food. People, my friend’s got amazing culinary skills. I must admit, I envy that about her. Disclaimer: I cook better than I write. Or not. BarelyApril would dare not assent. Ha.

    Thank for reading everyone.



    1. Lola Temi nikan soso. I’m just going to type a few lines as I’m uncertain this comment section can take my real comment Hehehe .

      Thank you for being you and blowing my trumpet so loud, don’t worry when we make it all roads lead to America 🙂

      Love you girl xxx


  2. She’s back! Great post, got me reading and processing, not just reading. And you are very welcome, kick uni’s ass okay.

    PS: Update us as the love-finding unfolds plssss


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